In the United States, at least 1.2 million snowmobiles are registered. Despite this popularity, most people don’t know how to take care of their snowmobiles. The fuel filter is an essential part of your ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle engine. They are also used on steel pumps and fuel systems. This component makes sure that the engine receives only clean fuel by removing dirt and any other small particles.

The valves, fuel pumps, injectors, and other internal engine components are very sensitive. Therefore, if dirt and other small particles get to them, the resulting damage can be very expensive. The general rule of thumb is that you should change your fuel filters every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. You should check your user manual to confirm this.

The advantages

Whether you own an ATV, motorbike, or snowmobile, here’s why you should change your fuel filter regularly.

1. Optimize Your Engine Performance

Changing your ATV fuel filter regularly, you can expect optimal performance from your engine. Modern engines are fitted with high precision fuel systems that have very little tolerance for dirt or other small particles. These impurities have a severe abrasive effect on the delicate engine parts leading to the deterioration of performance. Replacing the filter gives new life to the engine as it prevents the impurities from reaching it.

2. Cleaner Long-Lasting Fuel Injectors

Impurities in the fuel that sip through the filter get to the fuel injectors and can block or damage them completely. Fuel injectors are responsible for spraying precise amounts of fuel to the intake manifolds. Damage of these components can result in expensive replacements or engine repair. By changing your snowmobile fuel filter regularly, you will not only have cleaner fuel injectors but also ensure they serve you longer.

3. Prevent Engine Misfires

The leading cause of engine misfires is improper fuel to air mixture. If dirt gets to the fuel injectors, the resulting clog will restrict the amount of fuel getting to the engine and thus an air-heavy mix that misfires. Replacing your fuel filters regularly means that your fuel injectors will remain clean, resulting in the correct fuel-air mixture and preventing engine misfires.

How Do You Know That Your Fuel Filter Needs Replacement?

One of the most reliable indicators that you need to change your snowmobile fuel filter is when it is clogged or blocked. In this case, the fuel pump will have to work harder to meet the demand of the engine. You can notice this more easily when the engine demands more fuel than usual— like as you accelerate or you drive up a hill. The fuel pump will be forced to work harder to push fuel through the clogged or blocked filter, and you will notice that:

1. The Engine Will Fail to Start

When the engine fails to start, it means that your fuel filters have entirely blocked. Therefore, little to no fuel can pass through to reach the engine.

2. The Engine Takes Longer to Start

When the fuel filter is clogged, very little fuel can pass through. Therefore, it takes a bit longer for enough fuel to reach the engine for your snowmobile to start. Here, your engine will take longer to start.

3. The Engine Will Hesitate From Repeatedly

When your ATV fuel filter is clogged, there are inconsistencies in how it supplies fuel to the engine. In this case, you will notice the engine hesitating from time to time. This hesitation and misfires occur during times that the engine does not have enough fuel, especially when accelerating.

4. Engine Will Stall

A clogged snowmobile fuel filter will also make the engine stall. You may find that your snowmobile comes to a complete stop from time to time. This is a sign that not enough fuel is reaching the engine.

When replacing your fuel filter, make sure that you settle for genuine parts for reliability. In addition to this, you may have to undertake a fuel pump repair to make sure everything works well.

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