It is easy to take the wheels and tires on your car for granted, but they are not to be neglected. Good tires and rims can keep a car running smoothly, but old, worn out, or damaged rims or tires make a car’s driving sloppy or even unsafe. So, you can buy tires or have them rotated for your car on a regular basis, and tire stores and tire shops across the nation have a wide variety of tire models and brand names to choose from. These even include off-road tires and winter tires, for customers who need them. When you buy tires, you are ensuring that your car is safe and fuel-efficient to drive.

Problems With Old Tires

What’s wrong with driving around on some old tires? A few issues may arise, and one of them is the fact that old tires tend to slowly but constantly leak air. They will deflate themselves even if you pump them back up with air, and these partially deflated tires are too soft for fuel-efficient driving. In fact, these old, soft tires are unsafe, since they make for sloppy and erratic driving, and they don’t perform the same way as fresher, harder tires. In fact, many traffic accidents in the United States today involve old and soft tires.

Car accidents happen not just because old tires are soft, but because they lose their grip, too. Tires always have grips built into them, which may get worn down over time as the tires are used, and so, old tires tend to be slick. This makes it more likely that a car will go out of control or handle oddly, and this may be especially true in winter time. Snow and ice on the road can only make that worse, and this may also contribute to how often cars with bad tires get into accidents.

Finally, old tires may be more likely to get punctured, since they are worn thin, and this can be a disaster when a driver hits a curb, runs over tree branches or broken glass, or other debris. A spare needs to be fitted on, or the car may need to be towed to a tire shop in the area. Punctured tires usually need to be replaced unless the damage is minor, and if those tires are too old, they may as well be replaced anyway.

Where to Buy Tires

A car owner is urged to know the name and location of at least one or two tire shops and auto repair shops in the area, and know when to visit them. A car owner can also keep a log to note when their car’s tires get rotated or replaced, and log the date and odometer reading each time such work is done. You will definitely know when it is time to buy tires or have them rotated with such a log. And if a tire on your car gets punctured, naturally it is time to repair it (if possible) or have it replaced.

You might also buy tires for particular driving conditions. Winter tires have good grips and can handle more safely on roads that are slick with snow or ice in winter, and these make for safer driving. In some parts of Canada, using these tires in winter months is actually required, as well as being a good idea. Off-road tires are very tough and have specialized grips for going over rough terrain such as rocks, sand, tall grass, and shallow streams. Hobby drivers may buy tires like these.

Car Rim Maintenance

Don’t forget the metal rims that the tires rest on. Often made of aluminum, these rims go over the wheel’s inner mechanism and are the main part of the wheel’s body. Such rims may get dirty or damaged from mud or grime or flying objects, and the rims can be removed and have the dents pounded right out of them. As for cleaning, soapy water and a rag can be used, but not steel wool, which will scratch the rim’s and hubcap’s soft aluminum surface. Racers and car enthusiasts may look for more specialized car rims for aesthetics and style alike, and install them on their car. These rims can also be spray painted different colors.

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