Many businesses to be successful rely on heavy duty truck equipment. Some businesses are more successful using pick-up trucks, but many companies need medium and heavy load semi trucks. Depending on the industry, the choice of semi truck often depends on the work truck equipment that can be installed on the semi truck. For example, a semi truck being purchased for snow removal would not be effective if it did not have plow truck accessories available.

The other main driver of semi truck purchases is economics. A new semi truck is expensive, yet may be a good investment depending on its cost of operation. Electric semi trucks, coming to the market, will upend the cost of transportation as compared to the cost of diesel fuel.

Each year new trucks are produced, and it is our goal to present here the best of each year’s models. Our readers will learn how these new trucks will improve their business and about the accessories for trucks that are available. Work truck parts are necessary for efficient and safe truck operation. By reading our website, you will be up-to-date on the new semi trucks available for purchase by your company.

America relies on trucks and truck accessories in order to move products across the country and to provide the strength and power that is required to accomplish serious work. From construction and landscaping to package and food delivery, business depends on trucks.andnbsp;

Depending on what business you are involved with, your truck needs can differ. A local landscaping company could use a fleet of dependable pick up trucks. If your business involves freight shipping services, a fleet of the best semi trucks are required. As business owners and fleet buyers look into the best trucks for sale in 2020, the main selling point is their fuel efficiency. 

Things are changing rapidly in transportation right now. Owners of transportation companies know this better than anyone. Specifically, if you own a trucking company or are an independent truck owner, you know that semi-trucks are not immune to these changes. Everything is changing, from the interior cabs all the way to the headlights for semi trucks, 2020 will usher in a new era for semi-trucks.

Tesla’s Electric Semi

Tesla has made a name for itself in the transportation industry for making electric cars more accessible. In 2017, they announced that they would release an electric semi truck model and now a 2020 release is scheduled. They will release two models, a short-range and a midrange version. Fully loaded, it will weigh approximately 80,000 pounds and will have many features that have become standards, such as LED headlights and enhanced autopilot.

Some truck owners have expressed concerns with being an early adapter of the electric semi trucks. T

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