Many millions of Americans own a car, and a variety of car brands have proven popular among consumers today. Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, and Jeep are plenty popular, but there is also the German brand Mercedes Benz, which enjoys strong sales around the world each year. And no matter what brand of car a person has, they may want to find some OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts online or at local auto shops to keep their vehicle in good shape. Some car owners are enthusiasts, and they seek out the most powerful and advanced parts to make their car handle even better during stunt driving or races. Other car parts are aesthetic, and car enthusiasts can modify their cars at will in their own private garages. A Mercedes Benz owner, then would consult online Mercedes Benz parts catalogs or paper Mercedes Benz parts catalogs to find what they need to push their car to the next level.

About the Brand

While there is no “best” car brand, and different consumers have different tastes, statistics show that Mercedes Benz is a popular car brand with a lot to offer for interested customers. For example, this brand created its own hybrid car (the Mixte), running on both electricity and gasoline, and this car had a gas engine in its front and two motors in the rear hubs. A dynamo supplied sparks to those motors, and the Mixte was capable of a 75 MPH top speed. Mercedes Benz cars are also known to run on synthetic oils, and these cars’ owners are urged to change that oil every 7,500 miles or every six months. Traditional oil calls for a change every 5,000 miles.

Mercedes Benz enjoys strong sales, and as of 2018, this brand boosted its worldwide sales count by 0.9%, to a record 2,310,185 cars. This was the eighth consecutive record year for leading the world’s premium car brand. In 2019, meanwhile, Mercedes Benz was valued at $23.36 billion USD, and its cars are manufactured in 30 different countries around the globe. But something similar can be said about the parts for Mercedes Benz cars, as many car owners want or need new parts for their vehicles. For most car brands, the auto aftermarket market is a strong one, and Mercedes Benz is a part of that. Mercedes OEM parts and Mercedes dealer parts make up a significant part of the brand’s revenue, and any customer can find Mercedes Benz parts online through official Mercedes Benz parts catalogs if they so choose.

Examples of Upgrades

When a customer is looking through a Mercedes Benz parts catalog, what do they want to find? Naturally, a damaged car needs new parts put in right away, but that’s not the only reason to visit the Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts market. A car owner may also want to put in new gas pumps in their engine to boost its performance, and this is done in luxury cars and pickup trucks alike to boost their horsepower and acceleration. Such new parts can be installed courtesy of a local auto shop.

Aesthetics count too, and many car owners are enthusiasts who modify their cars at home or in private garages. Such car owners may have a Mercedes Benz, and swap out parts of its interior and exterior alike to make a unique vehicle. The owner can have the car repainted, for example, and put decals on it. The auto industry’s official “neutral” colors are gray, silver, black, and white, but an enthusiast may paint their Mercedes Benz red, orange, green, violet, or anything else they like. The wheels can have customized rims put on, which can both look stylish and be designed to endure the rigors of street racing. Even body lights can be added, not to mention a spoiler on the trunk.

As for the interior, the owner can remove the car’s old seat upholstery and add luxurious new materials, such as real leather in the color of their choice, and they can add a cover to the steering wheel. Even the sound system can be removed and swapped out for a newer, more powerful model. Finally, the windows can be tinted both for privacy and to look stylish while driving or at car meets.

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