Armored cars are often envisioned as those tanks that carry protected bank funds or other inventory from one place to another. Even more so, the idea of an armored tank or other vehicles that protect the vehicle is much different than those you would imagine as an automobile here on the roads all across our nation. However, many other vehicles are “armored” for the protective quality of many people and other reasons. In addition to those corporate tanks that transport money and other valuable items, other bulletproof vehicles are designed to protect those inside without being obvious.

Benefits of Used Armored Vehicles

Plain and simple, armored vehicles are quite expensive. Simply converting a car into an armored vehicle can over $100,000 in some cases, making it helpful to go ahead and purchased a used armored vehicle that is already prepared for your future needs. When safety requires that much of an investment, sometimes saving money from the beginning can be helpful.

However, this can be something that is hard to find. When people need to be protected, or if your transportation services require a promise to customers of their complete protection, then armored vehicles are very helpful. Then, there are high-level executives, famous people, and national figures who must have bulletproof cars or vans because of the risk of assassination.

History of Armored Vehicles Moving Into The Present

Leonardo da Vinci came up with the first idea of the armored car in a 1485 sketch, though not quite the same as the SUV with armor that often carries people in need of protection today. Even back to 1981, the Pope was carried by an armored car after an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. With so many nations in need of protection for their leaders and other famous figures worldwide, there is a great need for armored cars and other vehicles in every nation. Even more than that, worldwide assassination attempts at important leaders have led to the need for an SUV with armor or any other armored vehicle to help maintain the safety of presidents and many others.

Current Need for The SUV with Armor and Others

And then by 2018, there was a great development of the armored vehicles being sold among the American automotive retail, especially known as the Armored Transportation Industry of its own. Considering both the number of automobiles sold and the revenue it is able to bring in annually, there is much to be seen in what this holds as resembling the automobiles purchased and driven in the United States. Most commonly here in the United States is the armored Cadillac SUV with armor, known as “The Beast,” that has a plate of armor that’s reportedly 5 inches thick. Some of the following features of this industry over the past couple of years continue to show the growing need for the SUV with armor:

  1. In the past five years, the Armored Transportation Services sector has increased by 2.8% in 2018
  2. In 2018 alone, the Armored Transportation Services Industry grew by 1%
  3. The Armored Transportation Services Industry reached annual revenue of $3 billion in 2018
  4. There were about 100,000 armored and bulletproof vehicles on the road worldwide in 2018

Different Types of New and Used Armored Vehicles for Sale

While there are different needs for armored vehicles, there are still many different types of used armored vehicles for sale. Some of those you may be able to find include the following:

  • Armored vans
  • Armored SUV
  • Armored sedans
  • Bulletproof cars
  • Bulletproof vans
  • Bulletproof SUVs
  • SWAT vehicles
  • Armored BMWs
  • Armored Mercedes
  • Bulletproof Escalades

No matter the automobile brand that may be able to manufacture different armored vans, cars, SUVs, and more, it is the value of this protected transportation that is the most important. Some of them are built specifically for certain individuals, while some companies have very valuable deliveries to make, so vans are key to their work, and armored BMW vehicles and armored Mercedes vehicles are often those brands. Armored Cadillac limos like the one that the American president travels could have a protective layer as thick as five inches. And, in other cases, there are brands that are available for civilians to purchase for their needs as well.

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