Big trucks move heavy loads over long distances and so some essential parts will eventually need replacement to ensure truck efficiency and safety on the road. Although some parts will need to be replaced more often than others since they quickly wear out or get damaged. That’s why you need to find reliable truck parts for improved performance. Here are some of the common big truck accessories and replacement parts.

Truck Lighting

Lights are essential for safe driving and visibility on the road, and big trucks essentially have multiple lights such as driving, fog, off-road lights. tail gate, bed and safety lights. In addition, there are plenty of lighting accessories, including cupholder lights, LED cup holder kit, splash guards kits, car mudguard, fender flares, and more. New lights improve the truck’s visibility on and off-road, for all road users.

Some lights are used to indicate the presence of big trucks and they play an important role in ensuring the truck is easily noticeable to other motorists. This is in addition to creating stunning displays. Other types of truck lights can offer outstanding road visibility, allowing you to quickly detect potential hazards and enjoy driving at night.

Chrome Dash Accessories

The wide variety of big truck accessories allows you to spend less while making your dash look exceptional. You can get specific items that you normally use, or go snout to tail and buy every single part available for your dash. You can consider knob replacement and change all the different types of knobs, including the lighter knobs, small control knobs, and tractor/trailer brake knobs.

Highlight your toggle switches with bright colors extenders to make it easy to identify them out of the many switches on your dash. Other examples of big truck accessories for the dash include handles, ashtray, bezels, switch plates, vents, control panel plates, and more.

Wheel Accessories

There are a variety of wheel accessories, including stainless simulators for both front and rear wheels, chrome plastic hub caps, hub cup spinners, valve stem covers, ABS chrome plated plastic axle covers. Metal axle and wheel covers are also available and are designed to improve fuel efficiency.

Stainless wheel simulators are built from excellent materials that allow years of service and require less maintenance. Be sure to also buy the tools and other hardware necessary for installing big truck accessories.


This is another key part of a truck that needs to be replaced now and then, especially for big trucks. The clutch is primarily used to engage and disengage power transmission from the engine to the gearbox. Clutch problems are common in big trucks than in small and semi-trucks, and are often caused by riding on the clutch pedal and clutch overloading. Replacement is necessary to avoid further damage to within the transmission line, reducing the truck’s performance.

Steering Wheel Accessories

Steering wheels come in a selection of material, style, color, and size to choose from. You can choose a leather cover and give your steering wheel a rustic feel and look. Or, go for an alligator skin or memory foam cover that looks great on the steer. Add spinners or horn buttons for more custom look and improve your grip.

These are just some of the truck accessories and parts that can significantly improve your driving experience and safety on the road. Consider inspecting and replacing the crucial parts when necessary to ensure your truck is always in good condition.

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