Most manufacturing companies have no knowledge about the oils and lubricants they use in their equipment. They often overlook these essential components in favor of the machinery themselves.

However, the right oil is important for every machine operation. About 70% of sudden equipment shutdowns are from using the wrong type of lubricant, according to a recent study.

Equipment shutdowns are costly. Your operations incur additional expenses not just from part replacement alone. While you can compensate by doubling the workload of your other types of machinery, this can wear them down faster too.

Choosing a mil spec oil can help prevent equipment shutdowns. Since theyand#39;re military-grade, you can expect the same military standards that offer the safest and most efficient.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider using mil spec oil for your plants:

1. Cleans the Engine

A dirty oil means itand#39;s doing its job of keeping engines and other mechanical parts clean.

A cleaner engine maximizes its operational efficiency. Aside from making the parts operate smoothly, it can also lessen downtime due to maintenance work.

Mil spec oil goes beyond lubricating the components of your machinery. It also helps in removing debris and other small particles from accumulating. Soil and sand particles are the least of your worries when it comes to maintaining smooth plant operations. These particles, if left unchecked, can even turn into mud. It can cause additional problems like increased emissions.

2. Extends Equipment Life Span

Rapidly increasing production demands can increase a machineryand#39;s wear and tear as it tries to meet them. Specific parts become overworked and can fail earlier than their mean time before failure.

Choosing a compatible mil spec oil can help keep your equipmentand#39;s parts adequately lubricated. Castor oil products are popular among plant supervisors in increasing an engineand#39;s lifespan. Compared to using standard oils, your machinery will last longer – saving you thousands of dollars for early replacement.

3. Keeps Your Machinery Cool

Not all types of equipment have their own cooling systems. Most engines do, but mechanical parts donand#39;t usually have one. Without proper lubrication, the consistent sliding or rotation of machine parts can cause friction. This resistance can eventually cause heat to build up and can break down parts of your machinery. A piece of overheating equipment poses a significant threat to safety.

With a mil spec oil, you can be sure that your machinesand#39; most active parts donand#39;t heat up. Its lubricating property eliminates heat build-up due to friction.

4. Acts as an Effective Seal

The spaces between piston rings and cylinder walls in large types of machinery are crucial in maintaining its performance. These spaces reduce fuel efficiency and can collect dust and particles if left unchecked.

While just about any kind of good oil can help seal these spaces, military-grade oil can provide more advantages. Using mil spec oils and lubricants can help reduce wear, keep contaminants out, and provide better compression.

5. Provides Optimal Lubrication

While oils and lubricants can help reduce friction between moving parts, military-grade oil, depending on mil spec oil compatibility, can give lubrication even in extreme weather conditions.

Initially designed to be used in high-risk environments, these oils can maintain their lubricating power even at extremely cold temperatures. Itand#39;s a perfect choice for plants or oil rigs operating in harsh environments.

For a smoother and quieter engine and mechanical operation, choosing an industrial with military-grade specifications is always best.

6. Improves Efficiency of Machinery

Excessive friction is the bane of all machines. It can increase the partsand#39; wear and tear significantly, causing you to incur expenses for replacements sooner. It can also affect the operation and cause you to miss production deadlines.

With mil spec lubricants and oils, you can avoid all these risks and even improve your machineryand#39; efficiency and performance. These oils can help prevent excessive friction while cleaning them at the same time. It can also help avoid particles that may hinder your equipmentand#39;s operations.

7. Lowers Emissions

With the rules on emissions getting stricter and stricter, using a mil spec oil can help you comply with these regulations and prevent any inspection issues.

Choose Mil Spec Oils for Better Machine Operations

Donand#39;t settle for just about any industrial oil. Using mil prf 32033, for example, can protect against corrosion when exposed to low and medium temperatures. Itand#39;s best for water displacement as well.

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