You may mistakenly think that all the auto recycling service has to offer is a junkyard full of worthless cars, but the fact is auto recycling service can be helping to keep your car on the road. Auto recycling has changed over the last couple of decades. This video takes you through what auto recycling looks like today.

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Auto recycling is a multilayered process. Every usable part is resold to repair other vehicles. You can save a great deal on parts by visiting an auto recycling center to buy used parts. Well-organized centers can tell you with the touch of a keyboard if they have your part in stock or not. These highly organized centers are not the scrapyards of old. Parts are ready to be shipped or purchased over the counter. Historically you would be responsible for removing parts yourself but not today all the work is done for you.

Once all usable parts are removed, the rest of the vehicle is scraped for recyclable parts like metal and upholstery parts. Every part of the vehicle that can be recycled is. Learn more about the process by watching this short video that takes you through the process step by step.


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