In this video, you will learn about helicopter models that are in the United States Military. There are seven of them that are listed in this video. Ever since helicopters entered the service, they have been a huge part of the operation.

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Technology has grown at such a level that it is possible to make hybrid air plane-helicopters. The first model that is commendable is Bell UH One Huey. It was introduced in 1956. This was a simple and practical legendary design. IT could carry 10-14 troops into battle. To protect the pilots from groundfire, the seats are armored. Each window was equipped with machine guns. The next helicopter is the Boeing CH-47 Chinook. This helicopter was designed in 1961. It was developed during the Vietnam era. It has a unique tandem rotor design which allows maximum utilization. All of the power is sent to the two main routers. This helicopter can carry 55 troops seated internally. It is one of the biggest that still exists today. The next one that is reviewed is the Sikorsi CH-53 Stallion. It was entered into the military in 1964. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video!

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