AudiWhen you think to buy a used car ask yourself what you are looking for. If you think to purchase used Audi A4’s then employ your care and attention while dealing with a seller. They are too much expensive cars and they demand you to give your proper attention for timeless looks. In this article, we are going to suggest you some special features for buying a used Audi A4’s.
Firstly, this model is known as B5 and prior to buying a used Audi, buyers should themselves the following questions:
 “Should I settle for a front-wheel drive car?  Do i need a six cylinder or a four cylinder?” or should I get an all-wheel drive?”
Should I settle for a front-wheel drive car, or should I get an all-wheel drive car:
Actually the cars which have front wheel drive are supposed to be cheaper and best for fuel economy. But, they are not recommended for bad or snow weather. On the other hand, Audi of All-wheel drive are supposed to perform better than front wheel drive vehicles. These are made up of AWD systems and considered to be not good for fuel economy but they have more resell value than the front wheel drive Audi. So, it is you who has to decide which vehicle should be bought.
Do I need a six cylinder or a four cylinder?
The main difference between the two and four cylinders is of reliability and consumption. Six cylinder B5 Audi comes with a choice of two engines and supposed to be highly reliable for smooth driving experience. If you are looking for slow engine then opt for twelve valves (or two per cylinder) engine and if you are looking for fast engine then opt for 30V V6 (five valves per cylinder). But, if you intend to buy an Audi which can be modified as per your situational needs then opt for 1.8 Turbocharged.
When looking at any used Audi A4’s there are pointers to keep inmind:
1.       Ask seller about the service records which have been done
2.       Check that whether the car had underdone through major maintenance or not
3.       Try to find out the areas or rust or repaired parts
4.       Make sure that it offers you enough driving experience and get it checked from a mechanical

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