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Anyone who drives a different car according to the season knows that an important consideration of owning several vehicles is where to store cars when they’re not being used. It’s a good idea to have a long term car storage facility where you can feel confident leaving your car for long periods of time. If you’re wondering how to find self storage units and what to look for in a storage company, keep reading to learn some storage unit tips for cars.

    1. Find a trusted company
    The storage unit industry generates $22 billion annually in revenue, and clients pay a premium to have a company they trust. It’s important that employees are trustworthy and that the client can feel safe leaving their car unattended for a length of time. The space should be secure and have systems that protect against unwanted intruders gaining access to cars.

    2. Make sure there’s enough space
    Private storage units are a place to store belongings and/or vehicles when they’re not being used, and they should be roomy enough to accommodate possessions while not being overly spacious. Don’t pay for extra space if it’s not needed, but make sure the space will allow for more things to be stored at different times of the year.

    3. Storage units should be convenient
    Storage units with drive up access are a great option because they don’t require long walks down hallways or up stairs to gain access. If the items are large or a car is being stored, it’s key to have drive up access.

    4. The unit should be protected from the elements
    This is especially important if a summer car is being stored during the winter months, because harsh winter weather can damage cars. A storage unit should be fully equipped to handle winter climates without exposing anything inside to the cold. It’s not fun to return to a car that has rust or water damage, so talk to the manager to ensure cars are kept in a safe, protected space.

    5. Find out when clients can access their belongings
    Just because someone is placing something in storage, it doesn’t mean they don’t need access to it. Consider whether access to storage on holidays or weekends will be an issue, and choose a company accordingly.

    6. Make sure the cost isn’t too expensive
    Depending on the car storage company, clients might have to sign a lease for the storage space. Others have month-to-month rental policies, but these can be more expensive. Choose a space that doesn’t break your budget and will safely store your things.

Do you have any storage unit tips of your own? Do you store your car away during the off season and have any ideas on how to find car storage systems that keep your car safe and protected while you’re not using it? If you have any storage unit tips or general advice on where to store your car, please share your thoughts below by leaving a comment. Links like this.

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