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Do you have too much stuff? Many people find that their belongings take up more room than they can spare in their house or apartment. This often happens when couples move in together. One common solution is to rent a storage unit. Many people look online for helpful storage unit tips and to find the best prices for storage facilities in their city or town. There are things you can do to make the experience a lot better for you and your belongings.

Storage Unit Tips to Make the Experience Better:

  1. Do a purge of your stuff. There are items that may have been in your family a long time and you cannot bear to part with them. There are other things that you may not need to store but might want to consider donating. Used clothes and other household items can be donated so other people can use them. You can also take these off of your taxes. By getting rid of some of your stuff, you will reduce the amount of storage space that you need as well.
  2. Decide how long you will need you unit. Many people rent self storage units when they are having their home remodeled or they are looking to sell their home. For these people, they have a finite amount of time that they plan to use the storage unit. Other people have items they cannot bear to part with but have no idea where they can keep them in their home.
  3. Decide how much space you need. Look at the sizes that are available for the storage units. Many storage companies have websites with helpful tools so you can calculate how much space you need so that you have enough without spending too much money on a self storage unit that is too large. One of the best storage unit tips is to get the size and shape of the units that are available to help you determine what size is best for your belongings.
  4. What are you using the storage space for? Are making a long distance move? It can be hard to coordinate where to keep your stuff when you are moving across the country. Even if you have your housing worked out at the new location, you may need to do work on it before you can move your stuff in. When this is the reason you need to store your items, there are different things to consider than when you are looking to make extra space in your home. In the latter case, you may want a location that is closer to where you live and will give you the access to your stuff that you need. If you plan to only go to the unit twice, this may not be as critical a factor. If you are storing your seasonal furniture you may have another set of needs. Knowing what you need and why you need a storage unit will determine what you need.
  5. Are you storing specialty items? If you are looking for long term car storage, you may have different needs there. If yours is a vintage car, you will probably want to look at collector car storage options and facilities that cater to that sort of thing.
  6. Do you need a climate controlled storage unit? Not al storage units are climate controlled. If your items are vulnerable to heat, moisture, dust or cold, you will need a unit where they are protected. Think about what you are storing and how it can be damaged by all of these conditions. It is not worth storing your belongings at all if they are just going to be destroyed by the weather.
  7. How much access do you need? There are some self storage facilities that are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week but this is not the case at all of them. Think about when you are realistically going to need to access to your stuff. Do you really need it at 2 am on a Tuesday?

Renting a place to store your stuff can be a great option. These storage unit tips will help make the experience better.


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