Cobra kit

It has taken thirty years since you graduated from college to get to the point where you could own a muscle car again. If someone would have told you when you were leaving high school for college that you would end up selling the custom roadster that you and your dad had worked on all through high school, you would have told them they were crazy. If someone would have been so idiotic to suggest that you would trade that classic muscle car in for a large down payment on your first home, you would have never believed it.
But, turns out, that’s how life works. Your priorities change, and once you have finished a two year trade school degree, married your high school sweetheart, buying a house seems like the next big goal. And, it’s hard to justify buying a home with a three car garage, especially when you do not have much money to put down. So, selling the car you and your dad had poured your selves into was the investment in the new home that you decided to make. Even your dad thought that it was the sensible thing to do. You remember him telling you that he was sure you would own another muscle car before long.
Neither of you, however, could have guessed that “before long” would turn in to 30 years, but it did. Looking back, it wasn’t really a bad plan. Now, your house is paid for, you just sent your third and final daughter off to college and you have enough money put away that she, like her sisters, will graduate with no debt.
Those were sensible years, but now it is time for you, and you will be taking delivery of your new muscle car next weekend. It will feel good to feel the power of the upgrade parts engine, instead of the sensible hum of the family car when you go for your Sunday afternoon drives. The AC Cobra replica will have everyone in the neighborhood looking your way. The authentic replication is so close to the car you and your dad worked on you can’t wait to surprise him with your news.
Both the prototype and the first 75 Shelby Cobra Mark I were fitted the exact same way. The 260 cubic inch, with an American V8 Ford engine is a combination British and American sports car. Never produced on a regular basis, it was made intermittently in both the U.S., as well as the United Kingdom since the year 1962. Known for its speed, in 1974 the coupe model of the AC Cobra reached am amazing speed of 186 mph on a British motorway. Not that you will have a chance to get anywhere near that speed, but it is nice to know that it could happen in this car with the right driver on the right track.
Amazingly, there were only 538 of the 1964 Mark II models built ever, so it is not like you and your dad ever owned the original anyway, but it sure will feel great driving this replica into your dad’s driveway and watching his face as he comes out to greet you.

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