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Car dealerships are an important aspect of the car buying process because you have many options at a dealership and people, 84%, want to buy a vehicle in person. Many consumers, 43%, go to a dealership in order to learn their options for buying a vehicle. So, why should you go to a car dealership instead of buying online?
There are many options to choose from.
When you go to an auto sales dealership, whether you are looking for a used car or a new truck, you will have a large selection that you can test drive. They can have anything from brand new to a late model with low mileage. You can also rest assured that any vehicle coming off the lot is well maintained.
You can get buyer’s protection.
Whether you are at a used car lot or a new car dealership, most will offer some sort of buyer’s protection. Extended warranties and vehicle service plans can also be negotiated to a discount price, which adds value to your purchase.
Car dealerships are convenient.
Besides being a one-stop shop for vehicles, dealers will also usually take care of any paperwork that is necessary. Most will have a financing department to help secure a car loan for you. Many dealerships will also help with vehicle registration and licensing.
Dealerships are dependable.
Dealers strive to offer quality customer and repair services, as well as instill confidence in you that they are there for you no and in the future. They know you are a potential customer as soon as you walk on their lot, and they intend to treat you well to the best of their ability.
Lease programs are available
Many dealerships also offer the option of leasing a vehicle. This is a contract that limits the number of miles you can drive per year. It can require a smaller down payment, and the contract is only a few years in length. These are great if you are not ready to commit to a long loan contract.

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