Motorcycle transport companies

When your cousin, the one who lives four states away, offers to sell you his used Toyota Camry with only 15,000 miles for a song, how do you capitalize on this great deal? The answer: you hire a dependable transport company to ship it to you.

You might be surprised to learn how cost efficient this option is. For a car or small truck, a coast-to-coast trek is less than a grand. A shorter trip from Texas to the upper Midwest can be only $550.

Internet Sales Spark Need for Dependable Transport

Even if you don’t have a cousin willing to sell you his car, more and more cars are being bought and sold over the internet through services like and In fact, 15 million cars were bought and sold online last year, and 75% of the cars sold on eBay in 2009 were interstate purchases. It’s becoming more and more common for buyers to shop online rather than visiting a used car dealership and kicking a few tires in the process.

The first step in finding a car shipping company will likely begin right back where your vehicle purchase was made — on the internet. Reviews of auto movers are a good start place, but it is important to recognize that all high-volume shipping companies likely have some bad reviews. Ask for references directly from the company.

How Much will this Cost?
An important factor to consider in selecting an ideal auto transport for your new ride will be cost. Shipping your car across the country will cost less depending on the time of year. Rates are lowest in the winter, so expect to pay $200 to $300 more for during the peak of summer. Open trucks are the most cost efficient option. Enclosed trucks, which cost 60% more, would most likely be used for antique car transport or for pricey sports cars. Your cousin’s Camry, for instance, will be just fine in an open truck.

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