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Are you the owner of a hybrid vehicle or in the market for one? They have become increasingly more popular over the last several years and for good reason! Hybrid vehicles save their owner money on fuel while also being a huge benefit the environment. Because the hybrid vehicle craze is so recent there are a few things that first time hybrid buyers should keep in mind while they are shopping around. Below are three of those items:

1. Hybrid Car Battery Replacement – Hybrid vehicles, as you probably know, run on battery power rather than traditional gasoline. This is the reason that they are known for being great for the environment – no greenhouse emissions! Because no fuel is needed, you’ll want to pay special attention to the battery of your hybrid vehicle. It is typical to find that the battery on your new hybrid vehicle will come with some sort of a warranty, but you should still expect to be looking into hybrid car battery replacement within 6-8 years from the purchase date. Obviously this amount of time will depend on how often you use your vehicle, keep it charged, and the type of battery you start with. As the dealer you work with about hybrid car battery replacement early so you won’t be surprised later!

2. Tax Incentives – Another thing to consider when scanning the market for a hybrid vehicle is some of the perks that come with owning one. One of those perks is actually getting money back! Right now in the United States, you could save up to $3,400 in taxes because of hybrid vehicle tax incentives. What’s not to love about that? Check with your tax professional or hybrid vehicle dealer to learn more.

3. Miles Per Gallon Difference – One of the main reasons current hybrid owners love their vehicle so much is the outstanding fuel economy they provide. According to a research company known as Statistic Brain, the Honda Civic Hybrid (a car which sold over 209K vehicles in 2012 alone) gets an average 44 miles per gallon. Even some of the best standard vehicles today are only getting 33-35. Can you imagine the amount of money you would save every year if you weren’t filling up your tank every other week? Ask any current hybrid owner and you are bound to hear an earful about hybrid cars fuel economy.

While it is true that hybrid vehicles usually cost anywhere from 15-25% more than traditional gasoline fueled vehicles, the difference in cost is made back several times if you keep your hybrid vehicle for many years even factoring in the cost of replacing hybrid battery. Ask your local hybrid dealer today for more information on whether or not a hybrid vehicle is right for you. You may be surprised at what you find out!

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