Pre-owned golf carts

If you are a regular golfer, purchasing your own golf car is a wise purchase. These are quite versatile vehicles, being able to go where large vehicles can not. However, buying a brand new golf cart is not necessary. Research shows that if you buy a pre-owned golf cart you will actually save you more than 50 percent. Before you buy, however, you should understand golf carts and what you should be looking for, depending on your needs.

Used golf carts are usually used by everyone in the golf course because it saves a lot of time transporting yourself and your clubs from hole to hole. It also allows those with difficulty walking to still enjoy the serenity of the game.

Types of Golf Carts
There are two main types of golf carts: gas powered and electric. The gas powered carts are usually used for general transportation, around communities, example and the electric ones are what are used on the golf course itself.

Gas Carts
Gas carts usually have engines much like cars. You have to fill it up with gas in order to run it. Once the gas runs out, the cart will stop running.

The good things about gas carts are:

  1. Powerful horse power
  2. Ideal for general transportation
  3. Run for a longer amount of time
  4. Gas can be replaced right away

The disadvantages of the gas cart are:

  1. Much noisier
  2. Require more maintenance
  3. Expense depends on gas prices
  4. Not every state allow gas carts

Electric Carts
This carts use batteries that must be recharged after each use.

The advantages of an electric golf cart are:

  1. Less expensive
  2. Less maintenance
  3. More environmentally friendly
  4. Quiet

The disadvantages of the electric cart are:

  1. Limited power
  2. Must be recharged every day
  3. If battery dies, have to wait to recharge
  4. Batteries only last five or six hours
  5. Replacement batteries are pricey

Electric carts are the cart of choice for the most part unless someone is wanting to use the cart for a matter of days with no access to recharge the battery.

How to Store a Pre-owned Golf Cart
You must have enough space to store the cart before even buying it. You do not want to expose the cart to extreme weather for long periods of time (about 24 hours.) Due to their light weight nature, often times, carts left outside will be stolen.

How Much Does a Pre-owned Gold Cart Cost?
Most carts start around $2,000 but before even looking, you should set a limit and stick to it. There may be some features or looks that you will have to sacrifice to stay within your budget but it will be worth it. A used electric can cost up to $6,000 if it has a lot of customized feature.

What Should I Look for in a Pre-owned Golf Cart?

  1. The tires: make sure there are no punctures or damage, just like on a car tire.
  2. The canopy: Make sure there is little to no damage like rust that could keep on eroding.
  3. The body: ensure there is no rust, scratches, faded paint or dents that compromise how the cart runs.
  4. The battery: batteries can be very expensive to replace so you want to try and find a cart with a fairly new battery. Batteries last around five or six years.
  5. The price: this one is obvious. The price should depend on wear and tear, maintenance, new battery or parts.

Should you decide to buying one of these pre-owned golf carts, hopefully this article has helped you get a little closer to figuring out what exactly it is that you need. A golf cart dealer may tell you that you need a brand new golf cart instead of looking at the pre owned golf carts but the truth is, that’s not true. A used golf cart can have just as many advantages as a brand new one. Just make sure that you do your research before jumping out and getting one.

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