Auto repairs

New car tires are one of the best gifts you can give your vehicle. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the driver’s seat and pulling out of your driveway with the smoothness of butter as you head to work. Likewise, worn out or damaged tires look terrible and feel even worse. They make your car difficult to steer, cause you to spend excess money in repairs and can even put you at higher risk for an accident. Vehicle neglect is a hot button issue in the United States and costs the country billions of dollars every year in damages and injuries. A little goes a long way with car maintenance and even a minor adjustment to your tire rotation can save you money and keep others safe! If you haven’t looked up your auto retailer’s large selection of tires or are wondering how you can spot small issues before they become large problems, look below to learn more about this necessary car component.

Tire Sales

Let’s start off with how tire sales are doing in the States. Did you know the amount of annual car sales is over $30 billion? Even in this unstable economy, Americans care deeply for their reliable modes of transportation and will go to great lengths to keep their cars in tip-top shape. Annual vehicle neglect is nothing to sneeze at, however, and lack of maintenance costs the economy over $2 billion every year. These include, but are not limited to: auto repair services, car accidents, medical damages and awareness campaigns. What can you do to lessen these costs?

Tire Rotation

While new car tires are an essential purchase, they aren’t the be-all, end-all of a functioning vehicle. Tire rotation involves adjusting your car’s wheels to encourage more even and reliable tire wear. The more you drive, the more your tires are worn down and the texture flattened. If your tire rotation is uneven, you can put excess stress on one tire over another and affect your vehicle’s performance. This can even put you at higher risk for an accident due to a lessened ability to turn and brake. Yikes! After a certain point tires should be replaced entirely, so take out your car manual and see if there are any specifics you’re missing.

Tire Trends

Americans drive their passenger cars and trucks, on average, just over 10,000 miles per year. It’s estimated over 250 million tires are thrown away each year and, as such, recent recycling programs have taken to using these materials to save on both costs and environmental strain. They melt the rubber for asphalt or shred them for enhanced garden mulch, with some companies even making new car tires out of old models.

Tire Safety

Being safe on the open road is a concern every car owner shares. It’s in the little things you do, such as calling a responsible transportation service when you have a drunk friend or double-checking your lights before driving at night. New car tires are part of that equation — according to a NHTSA report a few years ago, a whopping 80,000 car crashes were either caused or partially influenced by flat tires or tire blowouts. Got concerns? You need new tires.

Buying New Tires

If you need new car tires but aren’t sure if you qualify, use this checklist as soon as possible to get your car in fighting shape. Have you noticed your car’s texture seems smooth and worn out? It might be time for a replacement. When’s the last time you got your tire rotation adjusted? If you’re not quite sure, it never hurts to visit your local dealer and have them give you an inspection. You could save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary repairs! Independent tire dealers represent over 60% of the market share and becoming familiar with your dealer is a mutually beneficial arrangement for everyone involved. Consider this next time your car doesn’t turn quite right or brake like it used to!

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