Spray on bedliners

Advertising on the business level is getting more and more difficult as time goes on. People are inundated with advertisements online and in person — every time they surf the web, they see an ad, or several ads. Every time they drive down a stretch of highway, there are billboards to look at and sights to take in. The task of a small business is to advertise in a way that sets their services or products apart. It needs to be memorable, and most importantly clear communicative. This is part of what has led many to invest in car wraps, which are often made with the help of wire tape. What are car wraps? They’re a means — applied using several different techniques — of “wrapping” an advertisement or pigment around a car. Although they often look like a paint job, with the pigment being wrapped closely around the car, they’re actually alternatives to paint. However, they can also be sprayed on, as is the case with spray on bedliners. Let’s look into the advantages of using spray bedliners, along with other types of car wraps, when advertising your cause or small business.

1. The Visibility Of Cars

It’s almost impossible to live in the United States without owning a car at some point in your life. Cars have become our primary means of transportation, and they’re widely bought and sold. In fact, 2012 alone saw 1.8 million pickup trucks being sold in the U.S. That number has only climbed, with August 2015 seeing an 8% jump in the sale of used pickup trucks. There’s a reason why pickup trucks in particular are ideal for car wrap advertisements. Products like wire tape makes it easy to work with these types of vehicles, and they have the advantage of being rather ubiquitous in the U.S. It’s reported that in 2013, for every eight cars sold in the U.S., one was a full-sized pickup truck. 90% of those pickup trucks were made by Chrysler, Ford pickup trucks, and General Motors. The size of these trucks make it easier for people to communicate their advertisements, and the fact is that many people appreciate seeing such advertisements on pickup trucks as opposed to any other kind of car. Advertising on a pickup truck simply makes more of a statement, and advertising on pickup trucks plural means that you’ll have a better chance of getting the word out about your business.

2. Durability

The great thing about advertising through car wraps is its durability. While these wraps are easily changed when necessary, they’re also durable enough to withstand the beating that comes with being exposed to the elements as much as cars are. There are two different types of spray on bedliners, and they are applied in two different ways. The two separate materials involved are aromatic and aliphatic compounds. They can be applied through a low pressure, non-heated processor, or a high pressured, heat process. When it comes to polyurethane, a thicker coat may seem like a better idea — but it can actually crack and chip faster. It’s especially durable, preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from OEM paint, which can deteriorate. It’s also anti-skid and anti-slip. Truck bedliners combine an attractive appearance with practical qualities, and that is exactly what you need when advertising. It’s even better when used with wire tape. Wire tape or wiretrim tape helps achieve a perfect edge, and streamlines the appearance of these car wrap coatings.

3. The Diversity Of Applications

Advertisements aren’t the only reason why people use car wraps and coatings. They also use them alternatives to paint jobs. The durability of these car wraps makes them appealing not only for advertising but aesthetic purposes. Another great thing about these wraps and coatings is that they can be changed in a manner far simpler than the typical paint job. These are just a few of many reasons why so many turn to wraps and coatings when changing the appearances of cars.

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