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Camping remains one of the most popular recreation activities in the United States. Be it tent camping or touring the U.S. in a fifth wheel camper or much loved used travel camper, American campers will spend an average of 14.9 days camping each year. Campground and RV parks generated an estimated $5 billion in revenue in 2013 alone.

There are an estimated 30 million RV enthusiasts across the nation. When asked about their increased RV travel, 64% of survey respondents indicated they simply wanted to get away more often. For 47%, their increased RV travel was a means of spending more time with their family, while 44% were looking for a way to escape everyday stresses. As many as 42% said they were traveling by RV more often because they liked that it was an inexpensive way to travel. Another 38% chose to travel by RV for the spontaneity it provided. All of these are great benefits of traveling with an RV or camper. Let’s look at them and others in detail:

  1. It’s a cheap way to travel

    According to one recent survey, traveling in a used camper can save a family of four 23% to 59% on their vacation costs. RVs aren’t cheap and RV parks aren’t free, but the cost savings from RV travel still far outweigh those of conventional travel. Even staying at a motel would cost families significantly more than traveling in an RV or trailer. If you’re worried about the upfront cost, don’t be. There are plenty of economical ways to purchase an RV or camper trailer. For instance, you could buy a used travel camper as you would a car or stop by an RV supercenter to ask about their current deals. A folding camper trailer could be an economical and smart choice for someone worried about storing their RV or used travel camper when not in use.
  2. It’s a comfortable way to travel

    Anyone who’s ever taken a long road trip in a cramped car or stayed in a motel they severely regretted will be able to appreciate the comfort of RV travel. Not only are motorhomes fully equipped with all the basic necessities – – e.g. sleeping quarters and bathrooms – – but they also come with kitchens and fresh water for showers and drinking. Propane tanks can make cooking just like home and refrigerators allow you to save on expensive restaurant meals.
  3. It’s travel at its freest

    Love to travel but hate having to plan each and every moment, from when you’ll leave to catch your flight to where you’ll stay every night? Then you need to invest in a used travel camper. With the freedom to leave when you choose and to park for the night on a moment’s whim, you can leave tomorrow without a second thought.
  4. It’s convenient

    Speaking of freeing, nothing beats the freedom and convenience of having a full closet that comes with you. Forget airlines with their tight baggage restrictions and ever-increasing fees; with an RV you can take anything and everything with you.
  5. It can save you from power outages

    How’s this for a little recognized benefit of owning an RV: Next time your power goes out, you won’t have to suffer with your neighbors. Simply grab your toothbrush and hop into your motorhome for a night of comfort and pseudo camping.

RVs can be a great investment for any family or individual interested in economical and stress-free travel. If you’re ready to revolutionize the way you travel, it’s time to find a RV superstore or start shopping for a used travel camper today. RVs come in two main types: motorized or towables. Both offer advantages. Motorized RVs don’t require a secondary vehicle to tow them, but towables are more compact and easier to store. RVs are often equipped with towing apparatuses so you can bring your car if you want to, making travel around town easier.

Whether you opt for a motorized RV or towable used travel camper, it’ll be one investment you’re sure not to regret.

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