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Are you in the market for a self storage units? There are a lot of reasons people chose to rent storage units. Sometimes it is because they are getting ready to move and need to put things in storage during the transition. For some, a storage unit is needed because they are downsizing their space, but don’t want to part with their possessions.

Many people use a storage unit for an extra car, motorcycle, boat, RV, jet ski, or another recreational vehicle. Car storage units are also popular among those that have the vintage or antique cars that they need to store in a dry, climate-controlled state. There are plenty of websites that offer car storage tips for those looking at storing their extra vehicle.

There are several things you should be able to expect from professional storage units. First, the units and the facility should be clean. Both the grounds and buildings should be both clean and well-maintained. You are paying to rent this space and there should be an expectation of cleanliness. Allowing trash to build up on the property, letting the buildings go into disarray, or letting weeds overtake the parking lot and surrounding property are not signs of a professional organization.

Professional storage units should also be secure. This may include keypad-access, on-site managers, and video surveillance. If these things are not present, you need to really consider the safety of your property. When you tour the facility, the touring agent or manager should be fully aware of what security measures are being taken.

Professional storage units offer their clients 7-day access to their storage units. Many will also offer 24-hour a day access. You are renting the space and the items in the space are your property there is no reason you should not be able to access your storage unit at any time.

Storing a car in a professional storage unit should prevent water damage and avoid rusting. This is the advantage to simply storing your extra vehicle in a barn or garage. The same applies to the storage of boats and RVs.

Storing your extra or recreational vehicles will also allow you to free up space in your driveway or avoid violating homeowner association or city rules regarding the storage of non-primary vehicles. This goes for business vehicles as well. Some communities do not allow residents to park business vehicles in their driveways. Offsite storage can enable you to avoid this.

Another thing to consider when looking at self storage units is the access. If you are looking at storing a lot of stuff, drive-up access is most convenient. If you choose an indoor storage unit, it will take a lot more work to get your possessions in and out of the unit. However, they may be more secure than outdoor units.

A recent study stated there were over 52,000 storage facilities throughout the United States. The storage facility industry employs over 170,000 people and generates over $22 billion a year. Approximately 10% of Americans have a storage unit and that percentage is increasing annually. This provides a peak at the size and impact of self storage units on the United States economy.

Regardless of whether you need boat storage, RV storage, long-term car storage, winter car storage, or storage for your belongings, professional self storage units are the answer. Storage units can solve your clutter problem by getting all the non-essentials off-site freeing up your home storage for things you need regularly.

You can use a storage unit for seasonal items, holiday decorations, summer yard equipment, extra furniture and more. There is really no limit to the things you can store. Storage units are secure, clean, temperature controlled, and offer an affordable solution to your storage problems.

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