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People view car wraps and television commercials as being some of the most influential and memorable media around. Car wraps have a big impact. This could be because people travel so much in their cars. Typically, people will travel an average of 302 miles in seven days. Between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions can be generated every day by a one vehicle wrap. Bicycles have less of an impact but people do take note. You do not have to be the best sign company Oklahoma citybike wraps OKC to have success with a vehicle wrap campaign.

Tips to Getting the Most from Your Vehicle Wrap Campaign:

Do your work before your campaign begins.

You need to start doing research and get the right template before you design anything. You need to have the right information about the vehicle upon which your wrap will go, Truck wraps are going to be different from car wraps. Get the specific measurements of the car or truck or van that you are going to be wrapping so that you can create the right template and design. Your food truck wraps are going be able to have a whole lot more information than if you wrap a tiny car. Going back and fixing mistakes can be very pricey so get all of your measurements done early.

In a perfect world, the client for whom you are designing your vehicle wrap campaign will just hand you the blueprint for the car when you start the contract. If they do not have them, they can always buy them from the internet. The only problem with that is that sometimes those blueprints are not always as accurate as you will need them to be.

Talk to the printing company. If your client has already made arrangements with a printing company, find out who they are and call them. If they have not, you will have to find one. Either way, you need to get the specifications from the printing company so that you can draft up your vehicle wrap design. The printing company’s process may impact your design so keep that in mind and do not start until you have talked to them.

Get inspired.

You have all of the technical information you need, now you need to put your creative thinking cap on and start designing something amazing. You should get the logo, any slogan and anything else the company has for their messaging. Of course you should get information on what they like in the car wraps that they have seen. Maybe they saw something they liked with the best sign company Oklahoma citybike wraps OKC. Knowing what they do and do not like will help you design vehicle wraps that you know they will appreciate and like.

Only include photos if your clients really, really, really want them. They do not always look the way you would expect. You need to use very, very high resolution images if you are going to put photos in the design for the vehicle wrap.

The best designs for this kind of advertising are simple. This is never more true than when you are doing a straight ad for a business. You need people on the highway to be able to read and absorb the message in just a few seconds.

Develop and make your design a reality. Start with a mock up.

Take pen and pencil to paper and draw out your design. It is possible to use template files to do your design. Most designers like to use an application such as Photoshop to put your design on a photo of the vehicle that will be used for the vehicle wrap campaign. This is a great way to see what the car, truck or boat will look like when it has been wrapped.

Combine your design and the template.

The last step before printing is to combine your design with the template for the vehicle. The files you create will be used to print up the wrap that you can take to the best sign company Oklahoma citybike wraps OKC.

You may never be like the best sign company Oklahoma citybike wraps OKC but you can still have a great vehicle wrap campaign.


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