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Not every kind of trash you can be taken to the curb. The daily garbage that we produce from our kitchen can be composted. The newspapers and plastics with the right kind of number in a triangle can be recycled. But what do you do with the bigger stuff? The refrigerators? The old carpet? Some items you can keep in your garage until you have a chance to make a trip to the dump. What, however, do you do with something that is so big it practically feels up a garage?
One item that is difficult for some people to dispose of when it is no longer of use is a car. Cars that no longer work, or are no longer worth fixing can be items that are especially difficult to get rid of. While it might be possible to sell a car that is still drivable, cars that no longer serve their real purpose can be turned into a win instead of a loss. Places that pay cash for cars can help you get rid of an unused vehicle that is no longer being used by your family. Receiving scrap prices for cars gets you some extra money, while also making sure that as much of the car that can be is recycled.
Cash for cars is a service that is available in all parts of the country. In fact, cars auto salvage lots have long been an avenue for car enthusiasts and owners who make their own car repairs. When a car is sold to a “junk my car” location, for example, the buyers spend a good deal of time salvaging the parts that are still in working order. Many years ago, some businesses that offered cash for cars actually let parts buyers go onto lots and scavenge for the parts they needed. For liability reasons, however, most cash for cars locations now take the time to strip the cars of useable parts and then keep a detailed inventory of parts that are available.
Salvaged auto parts that businesses get by paying cash for junk cars can also be listed and sold on the internet. Obviously, parts from some models are more popular than others, but nearly every car has at least one or two parts that might be in high demand.
Getting Cash for Cars That Are No Longer Drivable Is a Great Way to Help the Environment
Today’s consumers produce a lot of trash. And while much of that trash goes into already crowded landfills, it simply makes good sense to recycle and salvage items that can be reused. Consumers have long understood the value of recycling the plastics and the paper items that are discarded from their homes, finding a way to recycle or salvage larger items like cars and other automobiles, however, can be a real challenge. Taking the time to find a business that will be cash for a car is worth the time because the owner gets some money and the landfills can stay less crowded. Consider some of the statistics about the recycling of large items like cars and trucks:

  • The automobile recycling industry in America and in Canada combine to provide enough steel to produce nearly 13 million new vehicles every year.
  • 12 million cars are recycled in America every year. This number makes cars the most recycled item in this country.
  • The North American automotive recycling industry saves as much as 85 million barrels of oil by getting used parts and scrap metal and using these materials to make new or replacement auto parts.
  • 80% of a vehicle (by weight) is made from recyclable material. The remaining 20% that cannot be recycled is then considered auto shredder residue ASR. These materials include things like ferrous and nonferrous metal pieces, dirt, glass, fabric, plastic, paper, wood, and rubber. Nearly 5 million tons of ASR is disposed of in landfills every single year.
  • In the entire world, nearly 27 million cars are recovered for recycling. Although these cars are no longer useful for their intended purpose, recycling them saves our landfills, and ultimately our planet.

Isn’t it time that you got that old junker car or truck out of the garage?

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