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There is something about vacationing and traveling that relaxes the mind and the body. Vacations often refresh you and better prepare you for work and busy schedules. This is the reason that many families choose to take a family vacation, prior to the school year beginning. The new school year brings a lot of plans, schedules and packed days. Taking a relaxing family vacation prior to school beginning can mentally and physically prepare everyone for the upcoming busy school year. The more relaxing of the vacation, the better preparation you receive.

Camping tends to be one of the most preferred relaxing vacations for many reasons. Firstly, camping is a great low cost vacation option. It also provides many recreational activities for people of all hobbies. Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the United States, whether it is in a tent at a campground, a recreational vehicle or even just in the backyard. In 2013, the revenue of campgrounds and RV parks was estimated at around five billion U.S. dollars.

Camping also allows different family members to bond together. Camping conditions often include close sleeping and living quarters. Siblings may be required to be around each other more than when they are in the home. They may be more encouraged to do outdoor activities together, something that may not happen when at home. Some families may even invite their extended family members on their camping trips to creating lasting memories with family members they do not get the chance to see very often. Families can also bring additional recreational items, like boats from the local Triton boat dealers.

Camping requires very little planning, making it ideal for families. Families with a lot of children may struggle with planning a vacation for everyone. However, when planning a camping trip, they can just load the car and drive to the destination. Every family member is likely to find an activity during the camping trip that they enjoy. The cost savings can be huge when compared to other vacation trips also. A recent survey found that for a family of four, traveling by RV on vacation can save them 23 to 59% on their vacation cost.

Those families who frequently camp may find benefit in purchasing a camper or an RV. These vehicles allow families to load all of their items directly into the camper. It also allows them to have sleeping arrangements and other amenities, without requiring the use of a tent. Higher end models of RVS, such as Airstream models are a great option for those family members who enjoy camping, but do not enjoy sleeping on the ground in a tent.

Some campers may only have sleeping arrangements, while other may be equipped with running water, electricity and sitting areas. This also provides family members with a place to go indoors when camping. It can also make the drive to the camping destination more enjoyable. A folding camper trailer is a smaller option that pops up into a small camper.

Two main categories of RVS are motorhomes (motorized) and towables (towed behind the family car, van or pickup).Most parts for these different types of RVs can be purchased at the RV supercenter. Families can also tow additional recreational items, like boats, affordable pontoon boats and other camping equipment. Triton boat dealers are a great resource for new pontoon boats and used boats. Triton boat dealers may carry Triton boats, as well as a variety of other boating options. Triton boat dealers carry all types of boating items.

Camping is a great activity for families for many reasons. It can relax and prepare the mind and the body for a busy season. It can create lasting bonding experienced between family members. It can also introduce young children to many outdoor activities. Families that invest in RVs or other types of campers may find it even more convenient to travel. They will have access to many of the amenities that some camping options may not, like electricity, water and indoor sleeping areas. Some families may choose to bring along a boat or other camping activities to improve their family vacation.

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