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Your car is like your second home. You use it to go back and forth between work, help your friends catch a ride after college classes have wrapped up and save your energy when the weather is too bad for walking. Likewise, not owning a car can be a difficult process that indirectly and steadily saps up your time, energy and money in the long-term. Used car dealers are slowly becoming the preferred option for people on a budget, providing quality used cars for sale that can bridge the gap between affordable and high quality. Knowing how to start searching for used cars, though, is a process in of itself.

Did You Know?

Let’s start off the list with some fun facts. The average vehicle on the open road will have three owners in its lifetime. Although new car models are released on an annual basis, used car sales are starting to overwhelm these figures and become the more popular option. Between private-party and dealership rates, there are over 40 million used cars exchanged year after year.

How Many Used Cars Are There?

Used cars are quickly outnumbering their brand new counterparts and for good reason. According to a recent study conducted in 2015 by the Used Vehicle Market Report, it’s been found there are nearly 40 million used vehicle sales industry-wide. Not only that, this number is considered the best annual tally in the past eight years. Some of the most popular demographics for used cars include, but are not limited to, college students, families and small businessowners.

What Are Popular Car Models?

Although every person is unique in their preferences, some car models have proven more desired than others. Automatic transmissions, for starters, outnumber manual a whopping 10 to one in the market for used cars — this is due to its relative ease of use and accessibility, among other reasons. Trucks are often sought out for their flexibility and useful transportation traits. The most frequently searched price range for used vehicles is under $5,000.

What Are Common Mistakes People Make?

There are a few things you should know before heading to your local used car dealers to shop for your ideal vehicle. Consumers have been found to lose as much as $4 billion every year due to odometer fraud alone, with the average rollback being 15,000 miles or more. The number of people with a driver’s license in the United States grew from around 165 million to nearly 215 million just a few years ago. With these significant changes and leaning toward one-owner vehicles, it’s only natural the art of buying a used car at used car dealers will be sought after.

Where Do I Get Started Buying A Used Car?

Owning a car is a huge responsibility. Every little thing you do, as well as every little thing you don’t do, will have significant consequences for both your wallet and other drivers on the road. The majority of automotive dealerships at least offer the convenience of one-stop shopping through either on-site financial offerings that assist consumers or consultation — dealerships work with as many as five to 10 different banks or finance companies to offer competitive services and deals to their customer base. For those seeking out a loan, keep in mind banks generally don’t offer options for cars over four or five years old — if you want one older, consider one that is certified pre-owned at a pre-owned dealership. Worried about buying a used car? Never fear. The options are only getting better from here.

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