Types of hose clamps

Hose clamps are often used in cars or in household plumbing systems. There are several different hose clamp types. These hose clamps can be made of different materials (such as stainless steel hose clamps) and can come in different sizes. Hose clamps are used to secure a hose to a fitting and screw hose clamps can be used to fix broken or damaged pipes in an emergency. They can even be used as a substitute for duct tape or zip ties. Learning how to use hose clamps like a pro will help you around the house.

Hose Clamp Types

Hose clamp types include: worm gear hose clamps, spring hose clamps, and wire hose clamps. Each clamp has its own special set of attributes. For instance, worm drive hose clamps can be linked together to form a longer clamp while a stainless steel hose clamp may keep from rusting. Different types of hose clamps– such as aircraft type hose clamps and heavy duty hose clamps– are used for different functions and fittings. Aircraft type hose clamps are used for aircraft fittings and heavy duty hose clamps are used for more heavy duty uses than a normal hose clamp. Despite all these different types of hose clamps, however, there are still proper guidelines that apply to whatever type you are using.

Proper Use of Hose Clamps

Whatever types of hose clamps you are using, you should make sure that you are using a high-quality and well-fitting hose clamp. If not, a hose seal may end up leaking. If a hose clamp ends up getting stuck, you should not remove it by trying to cut it off. If you try to cut a hose clamp off, it could leave a scratch that may cause a leak. Getting a hose clamp that fits perfectly is better than getting one that is too small or too big, which could cause more problems later on. A heavy duty hose clamp may not be necessary if there will not be too much strain on the hose clamp. However, it may be worth it to get a heavy duty hose clamp if you are not sure of the pressure a fitting may have to deal with.
Overall, if you follow the tips above, you can use a hose clamp like a pro. Getting the right hose clamp the first time can save a lot of trouble later on, so it is best to know what kind you should get.

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