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When learning to drive, most people, whether teens or others, will be taught by a family member or a friend. Throughout the process they may have multiple teachers, depending upon who is available. More than half, 56%, of teenagers are taught to drive by their parents. Parents can be very good teachers when it comes to their children learning to drive; however, it is commonly known that some parents can be very impatient and should leave the teaching of their children to someone else!

There are ways of learning to drive other than relying on parents, friends, or other family members. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a driving course to hone those skills and get some professional input. There are many driving schools that offer different levels of driving classes for beginners as well as for those who are more experienced. Statistics show that there are 214 million people with driver’s licenses in the United States. Most are more than likely Class D drivers, which is the most common class, meaning that they are licensed to drive a car, but no other vehicles. There is a list of additional license classes that cover the different types of motor vehicles that are on the road, from a typical automobile to a tractor trailer. Still further licensing is required in order to be able to drive a motorcycle. Different types of testing, both written and road testing is necessary for the different classes of licensing.

When teens reach the age where they can begin preparation to get their driver’s license, they can easily obtain study material from their local Department of Motor Vehicles. While reading the book and learning the many aspects of being a safe driver, they can also enroll in a drivers education course which is usually offered at most high schools. Drivers education classes present an opportunity for teens to take a driving course on familiar ground. They are taught by professionals who know what needs to be learned in order to be a safe driver, as well as what each student will need to know before taking their road test.

When most people make the decision to learn to drive, they are opening up doors of opportunity for themselves that will benefit them throughout their lives. According to a study done in 2013, most people, about 86%, were, at that time, driving by car to and from work. Knowing how to drive a car has become a necessity for people who live in locations where their job is not close by. If public transportation is not available, or not a possibility for any reason, having a driver’s license and a vehicle for commuting purposes, is essential. In addition to the commute to and from work, there are a multitude of other conveniences that are afforded by having a driver’s license and access to a car. Almost everyone at one time or another needs to take advantage of this indispensable commodity, which, at one time, was only a luxury available to the well-to-do.

There are local driving schools in nearly every town and city throughout the United States that will offer an affordable driving course to fit everyone’s schedule. They cater to all ages and all levels of driver education. Most will offer beginner’s courses strictly for teens as they begin their journey toward gaining their license, as well as courses specifically directed toward becoming a safe driver. In most cases, the focus of a driving course is on safety. There are courses where drugs and alcohol are discussed in relation to driving, including the repercussions of driving while using them. Courses also include instruction on driving under adverse conditions, including bad weather, bad road conditions, or both.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 18 are required by law in some states to show proof that they have completed 30 hours of classroom time, and six hours of instruction in a car with a certified driver’s education teacher. The total amount of instruction that teens must have is 40 hours. Included in those 40 hours are a total of ten night time driving hours. The goal of every driving school is to produce drivers who are safe and proficient.

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