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Have you checked your car recently? Even if you have, it never hurts to give it another look. Winter has arrived and that means hazardous roads, clogging engines and plenty of reason to worry every time you step behind the wheel. Vehicle neglect is one of the most rampant issues facing the United States as we know it, with the financial ramifications totaling more than $1 billion every single year. Not sure where to get started? Let’s take a look at the most important aspects of keeping your car well serviced, from wheel alignment to just visiting a reliable auto repair shop when you’re in need.

Common Hazards And Safety

There are plenty of little things you can do to stay safe on the open road. Make sure all four winter tires are equipped by the time snow starts falling — ice, especially black ice, is a highly dangerous substance and sees thousands of minor to severe car crashes happening every year as a result. Keep your windows perfectly clean so your vision isn’t obstructed. Lastly, double-check your oil filters and make sure your brakes are always working.

Oil Changes And Services

Not sure when to get your oil changed? It’s better safe than sorry. The winter season is easily the most difficult time of year to drive safely and a little extra care will go a long way in keeping everyone safe. The average amount of time between oil changes is generally three months or so, though this can change depending on your car manufacturer’s unique specifications. Keep in mind your oil change can also coincide with other areas of maintenance with your car, such as wheel alignment or checking your brakes.

Brake Repair And Preventative Measures

Nothing is scarier than slipping and sliding on a slippery road. As such, you’ll want to make sure your brake services are always in order. Your brakes should be immediately responsive and dependable — even the slightest lag can increase your risk for an accident, as well as property damage and injuring other drivers on the road. Even the best brakes, though, won’t do very well if your tires aren’t properly equipped.

Wheel Alignment And Tires

If your brakes are good to go, you may want to check your wheel alignment and tires. Wheel alignment is the act of making sure all four tires are perfectly even — a minor imbalance can put unnecessary strain on one or more tires, causing them to wear out faster and even become deflated from the stress. Studies have shown that a tire that’s deflated by more than 25% can still appear to the casual eye to be entirely filled.

How To Choose The Right Auto Repair Service

Last, but certainly not least, you need to get acquainted with a local auto repair service. At least once a year you should be visiting with an engineer to give your car a check-up, as even the most savvy eye can miss important details that can increase your risk for an accident. A professional can tell you when to get your oil changed, when to get your wheels aligned and can even dish out useful coupons or money-saving measures over the holidays. When it comes down to it, a little bit of extra care means everyone is better off.

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