Vehicle wraps

The answer was short, but instant.
When the group of hair stylists were discussing new cars and new car options over lunch, it was not long before one of the youngest stylus in the group was asked why she had her windows on your car is tinted she simply explained that she appreciated the privacy. She admitted, however, that the automotive window tinting services had been a gift from her parents. She likely never would have paid to have that done herself, but now she likes it so much she could not imagine having another car in the future that didn’t include a stop at an automotive window tinting services location.
Car owners can get pretty set in their habits. If your last car had heated seats and a heated steering wheel, for instance, you can likely not imagine doing without. Likewise, once you have driven a car with the product of a automotive window tinting services appointment, it may be difficult to drive a vehicle without this addition in the future. Auto window tinting, in fact, offers several advantages to drivers:

  • 99.9% of UV rays are blocked by some films or tints when they are applied to car windows.
  • Automotive window tinting services can supplement the standards included in most vehicles. For instance, although car windshields are partially treated to filter out UVA, the side windows let in about 63% of the sun’s UVA radiation.
  • A vehicle’s interior can be as much as 60% cooler on hot summer days with professionally installed window tinting film.
  • Different states have different regulations about window tinting services. For instance, in the state of Texas,a sunscreening device in the front side wing vent or window, a side window to the rear of the vehicle operator, or a rear window is must be limited to 35%. This means that tints must still allow 65% of light through.
  • 3,000 accidents a year are the result of glares from the sun. Studies indicate that tinted windows can help reduce these dangerous glare effects.
  • In a study of car crashes, 80% of the glare-exposed drivers were in the striking role in the accident report. This compares to the 52% of those who were in the same role even though their vision was not obstructed.
  • Continued exposure to UVA rays through windows can be responsible for accelerating skin aging by as much as five to seven years.

If you have never before had a vehicle with tinted windows, it is possible that you do not understand the benefits of this customization service. Once you have had the benefit of tinted windows, however, you realize that they are not just for the purpose of presenting an image. Tinted window services provide more privacy for the driver and passengers, as well as protecting those inside the car from dangerous UVA rays and keeping the interior of the car cooler.

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