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So you bought a car and you’re less than thrilled with it. Maybe it was a good deal for the price you paid. Maybe it just isn’t as stylish as you had imagined your next car would be. We cannot all drive a Cobra; the car you buy is the car you’re stuck with, right? Well, that’s not entirely true. Body kits won’t give you a bona fide muscle car, but it can help your vehicle look like one.

What a Body Kit Can Do For You (And What It Cannot).

A body kit is essentially a cheaper way of making a car mimic a more expensive and often rare vehicle. This doesn’t mean replacing any of the following: battery, paint, wheels, engine, or transmission. While it’s possible to upgrade parts, you won’t be able to use Cobra kits to make a hatchback sedan look like an authentic replication. It doesn’t work miracles, so make sure the car you plan to start with will work with the body kit you want.

Before You Buy, Research Everything.

This step is the most important if you want to save time, money, and general frustration. Buying the wrong body kit will increase all of these. First, you need to know what car you will be working with, because the kit will need to match. Cobra kits will fit only a few specific chassises, for example, so you may need to buy a cheap, specific frame to get started. If this is your situation the entire process will take longer than someone wanting to upgrade their Honda Civic.

The research part of the process can be fun. To start, just look at plenty of versions of the car you want to end up with. Take note of the details you like, what kit was used, and which company made the body kit. As you make a list, you’ll begin to see the what pieces and details are your favorites. Depending on what those features are, a custom kit may be in order.

Choosing the Best Kit, And What to Do When It Arrives.

Buying a body kit may not be the same for all vehicles across the board. Cobra kits are not as easy to come by as one for a Chevy Camaro. Fun fact: the Shelby AC Cobra was originally coined the “Chevy Beater,” because although it weighed in at nearly 500 pounds less then the Chevy Corvette which was about 3,400, it was much faster. This means that if the kit you’re searching for is meant to mimic a unique or rare vehicle, you may need to call around but your choices are still more limited. This works in your favor, because having an expert on the phone means they may be able to steer you in the right direction if you’re unsure.

According to the website Your Mechanic, the next important step is inspecting the kit when it arrives. To do this properly, take every piece out of the box and inspect it carefully for symmetry and defects.

So you want to make your car a bit more… cool. That’s great, and body kits are there to help you with this process. But understand that this is a process, and a long one at that. The key to upgrading your car with a body kit is to take your time. Research first to know what look appeals to you, and then to choose a good supplier. Then, inspect the pieces carefully when they arrive. By not rushing into it, you’ll ensure the upgrade is right for your style and right for your vehicle.

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