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Are you on the market for a new car for yourself or for your family? Have you visited car dealership after car dealership, spoken to many car dealers and still can?t decide which car to purchase? It can be a difficult process when you are planning to invest so much money into one item. Start narrowing down your search today by taking new cars off the list of possibilities. Instead, only search for used cars as potential future cars.

You might be wondering why purchasing a used car is worth it in the long run. Doesn?t a new car last longer? Well, it might last longer, but your needs and desires will change before the lifetime of a new car will. So, why not purchase a used car that will last for your immediate needs and still give you the option to trade-in or sell when you are ready for a different car?

It is not unheard of to purchase a used car. In fact, every year, around 40 million cars exchange hands. That means through dealerships, car dealers and private-parties, people sell there once-new cars to other individuals. So, there are more than 40 million used cars on the road every year.

Additionally, most cars do not stay with their first owner until the day they stop working. In a car?s lifetime, it actually has an average of three different owners. Cars are generally passed along from person to person during their lifespan because different people have different needs for cars. This helps explain why there are so many older cars on the road. In fact, by the year 2021, there will be more than 20 million cars that are over the age of 25 on the road. Why get rid of a car and put it out of use before it is actually dead? The economical and environmental thing to do is sell your car if you do not need it anymore or if you want to upgrade so that someone else can use your car for their own needs.

Another type of car you can purchase from car dealers is a certified pre-owned car. These types of cars can give buyers a little bit more reassurance than buying just any used car. That is because a certified pre-owned car is certified by a dealership. It is also inspected and cleaned up, if needed, before the transaction takes place. This way, when you purchase your car, you also have a well-established relationship with an auto dealership and different car dealers.

It is not uncommon to go the route of purchasing a certified pre-owned car from a car dealership instead of purchasing used cars or used trucks. In fact, the number is steadily increasing as to how many certified pre-owned cars are sold each year in the United States. For example, in 2015 there were 2.55 million certified pre-owned cars sold to buyers, and in 2016 there was an increase in sales to 2.6 million certified pre-owned cars sold.

Many car dealerships will tell you that if you are purchasing a used car that is less than five years old, the better option is to go ahead and purchase a certified pre-owned car. That is a good rule of thumb to follow as you begin your car searching process.

Have you ever purchased a used car or a certified pre-owned car from a dealership or private-party? Let us know in the comments how your experience was dealing with car dealers and with driving your newly purchased used car.

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