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The car is Husker red and it has cruise control.
As the four cousins gathered in the driveway to depart for their annual summer boating weekend, ot was easy to notice that three of the four were GMC cars. Although much of the discussion was about the red Chevy Malibu that the recent college graduate was driving for the first time, the youngest cousin who would be turning 16 tomorrow asked why all three of the cousins were driving GMC cars. A few moments of silence followed before the oldest cousin spoke up and said that in his family that was all anyone drove.
The oldest went on the explain how car ownership went in their family. he laughed when he said that when he was younger when one of his parents got a new car, the older car was simply passed down to the driver in the family who was most in need. The fact that family cars had always been GMCs simply meant that when it was time for him to buy his own first car he bought a GMC sport utility vehicle because that is what he always driven.
Is you Family In the Market for a New Car This Summer?
In many families, cars are passed down from driver to the next. Although many retired couples simply trade their old cars in for new cars, younger families with driving teenagers often plan ahead years in advance to make sure that they have an older car ready for the newest driver. Knowing the history of car can, in fact, sending a new driver out on the road just a little bit easier.
Because today’s cars are often made better and can last longer, it should come as no surprise that the average car in America typically has three owners in its lifetime. When families pass a car that runs well down from one family member to another it means that it is easy to trust the service history as well as other routine maintenance records.
We live in a mobile society and many people need a car to get themselves to and from work, especially those people who live in medium to smaller sized towns. In fact, 88% of Americans reported owning a care in the year 2014. Car dealerships across the country are typically the source for many of the new cars that people buy, but when it comes to used cars, some families do a really good job of keeping the best of their previously driven cars in the family! Given that the average family owns two cars, but 35% of American households have three or more, it should come as no surprise that the best cars work their way through several family members.

Whether your family likes to drive GMC cars or you are a fan of a different automobile maker, knowing that one of your children may someday drive your car may help you to remember to take even better care of it.

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