Long windshield crack repair options

As a professional, you understand that the tools and windshield crack resin in your arsenal are of a different quality than what the average customer may find in the aisles of a repair shop. But it is not simply the difference between types of windshield crack resins that will bring in new customers. It is absolutely necessary to strategically market your business in a way that encourages drivers to bring their cracked windshield to you, and not try to fix it on their own.

No one enjoys making sudden repairs to their vehicle. A crack in the windshield is unsightly, but can become dangerous if the damage grows over time. A driver’s first reaction is to question how a crack may effect their driving. They want to know how long they can stretch it before repair becomes an emergency situation instead of an urgent one.

Customers do not appreciate being talked over, or made to feel they don’t understand the depth of a problem. A good service representative needs to be able to clearly and concisely explain the problem including what might occur if the problem is ignored, and what course of action they would recommend and the reason for that course of action. A customer who doesn’t understand the service rep at one of these steps may very well decide that the repair job can wait.

That’s not what you need. The goal is to get customers to come to you, but the other half of the equation is convincing them to buy your services. The windshield crack resin in your repair kit may be able to fix their problem better than anything they could purchase at their local hardware store. But if they don’t understand the ‘why’ behind what makes yours better, there is a good chance they will not purchase your services. In fact, the customer may decide they can try to make the repair on their own.

The customer is not an expert on windshield crack resins and repair. It is your knowledge that needs to be condensed and edited to encourage a potential customer to complete the sale and receive your services. This starts with helping to identify the crack in their windshield, which will determine if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.

A short crack of less than six inches makes up only about 10% of repairs. Nearly 53% of car windshield cracks are long cracks of seven to 12 inches or more. Emphasize to the customer the fact that even small cracks tend to grow, and the longer they get the more likely it becomes that they will be required to completely replace the car windshield.

It is said that every crack repair is a 100% more cost effective than a replacement. It is estimated that somewhere between 60 to 70% of cracks are immediately repaired. To have customers come to your business immediately after a crack occurs, it is crucial that they understand why doing so benefits them and their vehicle in the long run. That trust begins with helping the customer understand what sets your windshield crack repair business apart from a botched DIY job, or worse, a full replacement. It comes down to professional service, superior windshield crack resins, experience, and cost-effectiveness.

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