Discreet breathalyzer

Drinking and driving is a serious offense that has implications in criminal proceedings in court rooms across the country. Those who drink and drive risk the lives of themselves and the lives of innocent others, as if often seen in the news.

Every day in America, 28 people die as a result of drunk driving. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $59 billion. In many states, you can still be arrested for and convicted of a driving under the influence charge with a blood alcohol content below .08.

While there have been many campaigns to stop the effects of drunk driving and even drunk driving itself, the problem still remains. Some states and counties in line with technology companies are looking at another way of approaching and limiting this problem.

Ignition interlock devices are increasingly being put into the vehicles of those who have been convicted of a DUI-related charge, whether it is that individual’s first offense or have multiple convictions, depending on the state.

Ignition interlock systems can be seen as a car breathalyzer. They work by being connected directly to the vehicle’s engine and present a tube in which the vehicle operator has to blow. Unless they blow an alcohol content less than the preset value, the car will not start. In fact, there is a random retest five to 15 minutes into a drive to prevent another individual’s breath from starting the car.

There are talks of the ignition interlock device becoming mandatory for all vehicles in the United States. If so, the preset value will be far below the .08 blood alcohol content many states subscribe for DUI-related offenses and be around .02. For those convicted of a DUI or another offense that requires the need for a discreet breathalyzer, finding one that is affordable requires searching, comparing, and selecting.

The first step to purchasing a car breathalyzer is to search for companies in the area. For instance, a quick search for those living in Arizona might include the terms ‘interlock Scottsdale’ or ‘interlock device Arizona.’ From there, it’s important to ascertain the model and price point.

Car breathalyzer prices can vary. Some car breathalyzer prices are as low as $25, while some car breathalyzer prices run as high as $300. There are different components and features of a car breathalyzer that influences car breathalyzer prices. These can include fuel sensors and the mouthpiece.

It’s always important to make sure the breathalyzer you select is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This seal of approval means that the breathalyzer you are buying is accurate and safe to use.

If you are convicted of a DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol charge, then you will possibly have to invest in a car breathalyzer. Knowing your budget and the type of breathalyzer that best suits your needs is critical, as well as knowing the safety of the device you select.

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