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Since you drive a Mercedes-Benz, you may be interested to know that 312,534 were sold in 2013. This proved to be a record year for Mercedes-Benz USA. When you own a quality car, you want to keep it in top condition. Here are a few basic guidelines to assist you with doing so.

Consult Your Mercedes Owner Manual

In order to keep your Mercedes in the best condition possible, it’s important to consult your owner’s manual on a regular basis. These manuals include recommendations for factory tune-ups and other important information.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

An excellent idea is to create a factory tune-up and maintenance schedule. When you make these appointments in advance and stick to this schedule, your Mercedes should remain in good condition. In addition to scheduling regular factory tune-ups, it’s important to have your tires rotated and balanced every six months.

There are other factors that may make a difference, such as how much you drive and in what type of terrain and weather conditions. If you believe your tires still need to be inspected for wear-and-tear and/or damage more often, you can check in with your Mercedes-Benz dealer or mechanic.

Have you been using traditional or synthetic oils in your Mercedes? When these aren’t installed in the vehicle already, many owners will switch to these types of oils. You’ll want to follow a regular schedule for changing your oil as well. Experts recommend doing so approximately every six months or every 7,500 miles, whichever comes first. If you’re using traditional oil, then experts recommend that you should have it changed a minimum of every 5,000 miles.

Once again, it’s important to consult your Mercedes manual for guidelines on checking the specifics for everything related to brakes, transmission, and steering. There are two basic maintenance essentials that belong on your monthly schedule; these are checking your brake and transmission fluid.

Your weekly maintenance tasks, however, should include these three important activities:

  • Check oil
  • Check coolant
  • Check washer fluid levels

Take Care of the Finish

In addition to ensuring that your Mercedes functions optimally, you also want to protect its exterior. When you wash and wax your Mercedes regularly, it will not only look good, but you’ll also be protecting the paint. Since dirt and road chemicals can oxidize and damage the paint, you’ll want to take care of this regularly.

Your vehicle’s surface should feel as smooth as glass when you run your dry, clean hand along it. If this isn’t the case with your Mercedes, then chances are that you have contaminants that have bonded to the surface.

When You Need Mercedes Parts

When you have a vintage Mercedes, you may occasionally need parts. You’ll be able to find what you need by purchasing used Mercedes Benz parts. Before you purchase used Mercedes Benz parts, however, you’ll want to call the dealership to confirm the specific part number. This is because some of these parts are designed for specific engine and transmission combinations.

The good news is that barcoding and part numbering has made it even easier to find the right part. When you consult your manual, your local Mercedes-Benz dealership or the manufacturer’s website, these sources should usually have the information that you need for used Mercedes Benz parts.

A Few Important Reminders

When you create and follow a maintenance schedule, you’re doing your best to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. After taking care of all these maintenance needs, be sure to remind yourself how much you love driving your Mercedes!

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