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This was a Top Ten weekend. In the middle of the heartland you are not often blessed with great weather, but this weekend was an exception. Although there was some rain Friday evening and Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend was beautiful. With t
Temperatures in the low 60s and beautiful sunny skies, you and your wife were able to enjoy some time at the lake with your scooters. There was a day when a beautiful weekend meant 4 wheelers and motorcycles, but at this stage in your life you are happy to take the scooters to the lake and enjoy some quiet fishing and relaxing time in the sun. Because it was one of the Top Ten weekends, of course, you were not alone. In fact, you saw many recreational and alternative modes of transportation while you were at the lake. Sure, there were plenty of walkers and runners, but the trails and paths also included cyclists, kayakers, and many others who were relying on something other than their legs to propel them around and through their destinations.
Whether you are someone who is looking for a used motorcycle for sale or you are adjusting to anew scooter, consider some of these facts and figures about the many recreational, and assistance vehicles, that Americans tend to enjoy:

  • One survey indicated that 22% of all new motorcycle purchases come from first-time buyers.
  • No one wants to be stuck inside when the weather is great. Finding a motorcycle or scooter that can help you enjoy the great outdoors can be a great decision.

  • The average motorcycle owner uses his or her bike at least 100 riding days every year, this number includes the days that involved commuting.
  • Honda was the company that produced the first three-wheeled ATVs. Production of ATVs began in the year 1970.
  • Estimates indicate that 228,380 ATVs were sold to U.S. customers in the year 2015.

  • Research indicates that Baby Boomers outnumber Millennials as motorcycle owners at a four to one ratio.
  • One of the major advantages of some alternative modes of transportation is that they are often very fuel efficient. For instance, Honda?s 2017 Metropolitan Scooter gets up to 117 miles pre gallon.
  • Approximately 1.5 billion miles are covered by motorcycles every year.
  • Drivers often enjoy long weekends with great weather because they can get out and see the country.

When you have a chance to be ON THE ROAD what is your favorite mode of transportation? Finding the best way to get where you are going is often a combination of everything from scooters to street bikes and ATVs to automobiles.

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