Auto body repair chicago

Most adults rely on their vehicles for transportation. A recent survey showed, however, that approximately 77% of cars needed either repairs or maintenance. While a large portion of the population may have busy schedules, having their cars break down due to a lack of maintenance or repairs can definitely throw a wrench into their day. It’s all about creating the time to take their vehicle down to a local auto body repair shop.

A car’s body can obviously become damaged in a variety of situations. Here are the four primary causes:

  • Fender benders
  • High-speed collisions
  • Negligence
  • Weather conditions

When cars are taken into an auto body repair shop for fender benders and more serious collision repairs, chances are that they may also need their paint touched up. In some cases, car owners may want to have a brand new paint job. There may be other issues that need to be addressed at this time to ensure that there isn’t anything else wrong with the car.

Routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, are needed on a regular basis. Some drivers may ignore these and other issues, such as cracked windows, chipped paint, and broken fenders.

Since weather condition such as hail can cause damage to a car’s body, an auto body repair shop can repair dents from hail and address other kinds of hail damage. When a window is cracked, it may last for a bit longer or become worse. It’s a good idea to have these checked out by an auto shop as soon as possible, as the car may need a windshield replacement.

There are different types of windshield breaks:

  • Bullseyes
  • Combination break
  • Crack
  • Half-moon
  • Star breaks
  • Surface pit

When windshields have stone breaks, which are also referred to as stars or bullseyes, 90% of these never crack further. This is what is known as a floater crack. However, 53% of the cracks that require replacement windows are usually seven to 12 inches long, and are referred to as a long crack. When windows aren’t properly seated or have other issues, it’s a good idea to consider having them replaced, too.

There are, of course, other issues that can be taken care of at a local auto body shop. While some people may be more concerned with how their car runs than how it looks on the surface, it certainly won’t hurt their image to take care of those dents and scratches and freshen up that paint job.

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