Motorcycle storage

All across the country, people enjoy riding their motorcycles on warm, sunny days. Unfortunately, due to cold weather, travel, or lack of space, sometimes people need to put their bikes into vehicle storage facilities. Storage units can be a great way to ensure your bike stays safe while you’re unable to use it. But you need to make sure your bike is properly prepped.

Nothing’s worse than getting ready to take your bike out for a ride and finding flat spots in your tires and sticky, smelly fluid. If you’re going to be storing your bike for a long time in a motorcycle storage unit, you need to prepare it first. Before you put your bike away in the motorcycle storage area, here’s a few things you should do to make sure it remains in good condition while in storage.

If there’s any moisture left on the metal of your bike, it can begin to rust when left for a long period of time. To avoid rust, you should wash, dry, and wax your bike before putting it away. This will prevent moisture accumulation, which can lead to corrosion and other serious damage.

After you put fresh fuel in the tank, you should add the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer. Doing this will keep the gas from deteriorating and leaving a thick layer of muck on the carburetor’s parts. After adding in the fuel stabilizer, you should let the bike run for a few minutes so the fuel can cycle through.

Along with fuel, you should double check your bike’s clutch, brake, and coolant fluids. These should be replaced or refilled if necessary. Another option is to completely drain all of the bike’s fluids and wait until you’re ready to ride again to refill them. If you live somewhere with cold weather, you should check the bike’s antifreeze in order to keep the engine from freezing.

You should also change the oil and the filter plug before tucking it away in an enclosed storage unit. An engine’s oil turns into a dirty, black muck over time and it’s important to remove it so the contaminants in the old oil don’t corrode engine parts while in motorcycle or car storage.

Whether your bike is going in an open air storage unit, an outdoor storage unit, or an enclosed storage unit, you need to make sure your bike is properly prepped for motorcycle storage If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you could be faced with a damaged bike you are unable to ride when you go to take it out.

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