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It is not really that you are worried about other people knowing, but a discreet breathalyzer is what you have installed in the two cars your teenagers are allowed to drive. And while this installation is not required in your state, you have let your teenagers know that they cannot start the car if they have even a trace of alcohol on their breath. You have not had any problems with either of the young drivers in your house yet, but you want to make certain that there never will be.
When your husband was a young adult, before you had children, he made some questionable choices. As a result, he was twice arrested for drinking and driving. The implications of those arrests took many years to get past. A few night in jail, fines, suspended licenses, and the memories of all that those arrests involved. Your husband no longer drinks, but he wants to be certain that your two teenagers do not make the same mistakes that he did. It would probably be better to share the stories of your husband’s arrest, but he is not yet comfortable doing so. Instead, you have installed discreet breathalyzers in the cars that the youngest drivers in your home will use. The car breathalyzer costs seem small in comparison to the other risks that might be taken without them.
Car Breathalyzer and Ignition Interlock Installations Can Help Monitor the People Who Drive Your Cars
Unfortunately, every day in America 28 people die as a result of drunk driving. It is precisely for this reason that a growing number of people are seeing the value of making sure that those who have been previously arrested for drinking and driving be monitored. Consider some of these facts and figures about the implications of drunk driving and proposed methods that might limit these dangers:

  • Placed there for drivers with multiple DUI convictions, there are already about 150,000 interlock systems now in cars in the U.S.
  • $59 billion is the annual cost of alcohol-related crashes in America.
  • When installed, interlocks are associated with nearly a 70% reduction in impaired driving arrest rates.
  • Typically around 0.02 blood alcohol account (BAC), ignition interlocks prohibit the engine from starting if an alcohol sensing device registers above a pre-set level.
  • Most ignition interlock devices will prompt drivers to perform a rolling retest five to 15 minutes after the vehicle is started, as well as randomly throughout the rest of the trip.
  • If interlocks become mandatory equipment in all vehicles, they will be set far below the legal BAC limit of 0.08. It is likely that they will be set at 0.03 to 0.04.

Making the roads more safe should be a goal of every driver, every parent, and every official. Although we are a long ways from requiring interlock devices on all cars, some parents and spouses make sure that they incur the car breathalyzer cost themselves, so that they can make sure that they feel safe about whoever is behind the wheel. To these people, making sure that their loved ones are safe is significantly more important than any car breathalyzer costs they might incur.
Few things are more important than the safety of your loved ones. When it comes to driving, the safety of your loved ones also involves the safety of many others as well. And while it would nice to think that your family members will always use the best judgement. The fact of the matter is, however, that good judgement is often fleeting. Poor judgement can happen in a minute, and with that change big mistakes can happen. Drinking and driving is one of those slips in judgement that can lead to a very large mistake.

In an effort to provide an extra layer of protection to their children, some parents are willing to invest in car breathalyzer costs to in an effort to avoid much more expensive mistakes in the future. Conditioning your young adult drivers to know that there is never a circumstance when it is alright to drive after you have been drinking. Placing an additional barrier in a car to keep this mistake from happening is an idea that is in the best interest of everyone.

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