There are literally millions of vehicles on the roads throughout the United States. When it comes to cars, however, there are approximately 300 million. It’s interesting to note that this is more than any other country across the globe. In order to keep all of these vehicles in good working order, the motor vehicles and parts industry is essential.

Revenue Generated by the Motor Vehicles and Parts Retailers

When it comes to the total revenue within the motor vehicle and parts industry, the auto tools segment receives about seven percent for the services it provides to customers. In 2017, for example, this industry generated approximately 100 billion in revenue. This is a staggering figure when you consider that this revenue was in U.S. dollars alone.

The Average Cost of Vehicle Repairs in the United States

Costs definitely vary when vehicle repairs are needed. On average, however, a repair might costs between $305.55 to $356.04. Recent information indicates that the total average runs $305.44, while the national average runs $356.04. With the former, this means that the average cost for parts is about $202.28 and the average cost for labor is $103.27. The total cost for parts and labor will depend on multiple factors.

Learn What’s Available at Your Local Tool Distributor’s Shop

Are you in the market for a Ranger motorcycle lift? You may, for example, be searching specifically for a Ranger quick-jack portable lift along with other parts and supplies from your local tool distributors. In addition to a Ranger motorcycle lift, you may have your mind set on getting a spring compressor for strut coils along with other essential tools and parts.

OEM tools and tool boxes may also be on your list so that your garage is up-to-date and well-organized. Now that the weather is warming up, it would also be a good idea to purchase a few 20 inch oscillating pedestal fans so that you can work on your motorcycle and other vehicles in comfort. Once you contact your local tool distributor’s shop, they will be able to tell you what else they have in stock that you might need.

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