It’s finally time for you to go on vacation. You’ve packed your bags, booked your hotel, and just need to figure out your transportation options.

This is where you might hit a roadblock…and that is far from the literal sense. Any given city will have a dozen different ways of getting you from point A to point B. Whether or not it actually suits your lifestyle and your budget is another matter entirely. The wrong mode of transportation can put a blemish on your hard-earned vacation and leave you in a bad spot to enjoy your time off. Instead of throwing it all to the wolves, look below and ask yourself a few questions about your trip-to-be.

The right transportation can come in the form of a rental SUV or an airport limousine service.

Did You Know?

Whether you travel once a month or rarely leave your hometown, you’re familiar with how malleable the art of transportation is. Your decision changes depending on how much money you have on hand or what, exactly, you plan on doing before your destination. The limousine and town car services industry is raking in a steady revenue of $6 billion. Motorcoaches are particularly popular for their eco-friendly design and ability to free up traffic from the highway. While on vacation you likely want a travel option that’s cozy, but low-key enough to let you appreciate the sights.

Airport Shuttle Service

Let’s start off with the transportation you’ll be using right off the bat. Airport transportation is its own section of travel, working specifically to help travelers transition from the plane to the hotel seamlessly. The year 2016 saw over 300,000 taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers and chauffeurs working around-the-clock to provide easy access. An airport shuttle is a comfortable way of getting to your hotel and letting you ease into your home away from home. If you’re traveling with a group you can take things a step further.

Group Car Rental

Are you visiting a new city with family or a group of friends? Let’s make sure everyone is feeling comfortable on their way to a good time. A rental SUV, or group car transport, is the perfect choice for keeping everyone on the same page. Contrary to popular belief, limousines aren’t just used for extremely expensive business outings. They’re also a classy way of spicing up your vacation time. Weekend limousine business for weddings and parties accounts for an impressive 40% of all limousine services today.

Car Rental

Perhaps you want to experience the city for yourself. You can always invest in a rental SUV instead of an Atlanta limo and coast around at your leisure. Combining a car rental with the occasional limousine ride can transform your vacation into one of constant ease. There are over 130,000 limousines in service around the country, with the two types of limousine operators being fleets and small companies. The former generally market to corporate clientele, while the latter focus on local leisure clients.

How To Use Your Transportation Wisely

Here are some tips to ensure you’re always getting the most bang for your buck. Keep in mind the average limousine driver, or general car service, will charge between $15 to $30 per stop. The average car service also charges between 50% to 100% for overtime rides. This will keep you from being surprised if you find your bill a little higher than usual. The airport limousine service remains one of the most popular choices today, combining the efficiency of the airport shuttle with a larger vehicle for group ventures.

The travel method you choose will support your vacation from beginning to end. Invest in a rental SUV or limo company next time you’re bit by the travel bug and want to travel the world.

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