Sometimes, cars will need technical and essential repairs or maintenance, such as the engine and its many moving parts, refilling fluids, replacing brake pads, or replacing damaged or worn out tires. Other times, car maintenance or tinkering is on a more cosmetic level, and is a popular option among car enthusiasts, casual or dedicated. Different brands of cars may be taken to their respective dealerships, and paint, new upholstery, decals, and more can be found online or at auto shops to give a car a new look, both inside and out. Porsche touch up paint, for example, will help keep a Porsche looking good, and touch up paint options can vary greatly. Toyota touch up paint or Mercedes touch up paint are out there for other car owners, and touch up paint options can span nearly any brand. There is a whole world out there for car cosmetics. What options are best for a private car owner?

The Business

Cars are everywhere, and many are sold every day and every year, making them a big industry, especially in a car loving nation like the United States. Many professional groups keep track of car statistics for sales, accidents, mileage, touch ups, and much more. For example, the color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart has determined that ever since 2006, white has stood as the most popular car color in North America, and similarly, the auto industry considers white, along with gray, black, and silver, as neutral colors. It is possible that their low key, unassuming appearance is more popular among casual car owners who do not feel the need to show off or look far and wide for more exotic colors like red or purple.

Paint can get damaged over time, and it can cost money to get touch up jobs done. In fact, repair for deep paint scratches can run anywhere from $300 to $3,000, based on how much damage was done. And a Direct Line survey shows that among all reports of car damage, 52% of cases were based on scratched or keyed paint. Other hazards such as falling tree branches or hail can also damage a car’s metal and paint alike, so vehicle touch up paint is needed. A Porsche owner will want Porsche touch up paint, for example. What can Porsche touch up paint do for such a car? How can touch up paint jobs renew a car’s look?

Paint Work

According to Angie’s List, when Porsche touch up paint is needed, or any other brand for that matter, three general options are available: do it yourself (DIY), take the car to the garage, or hire a paint contractor. The car owner can get the car’s paint code from examining the wall between the engine and the front passenger compartment, and use this information online to order the precise shade of paint needed (eyeballing it can result in color contrasts). Primer and clearcoat should be used for any Porsche touch up paint job, and for other brands, too. The car should be washed, and the area to be painted should be sanded down so primer can stick to it. Paint should be brushed or sprayed in two to three coats, then allowed to dry for 24 hours. Clearcoat is then applied, and once everything is dry, the car should be washed.

A mobile technician may be hired to visit the car owner’s home and do the work instead, and this may be slightly more cost effective than DIY, and may be a good option if the car owner lacks the expertise to get the job done alone. But for major paint damage, taking the car to a garage is the best bet, and the workers there can repair the damage as well as apply new paint to the car. In fact, small touch up jobs may be completely free, based on the affected area and the garage’s policies. Asking the garage crew about their refund and satisfaction policies may be a good idea before any work is done on the car. The garage may not have the exact color needed, but they may get close to its shade, and customers can request a redo if the paint job was sloppily done.

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