Farming remains an important industry in the United States. As it has remained steady, the equipment used to get the job done have also remained popular. There were approximately 20,000 of the vehicles sold in 1916. That number skyrocketed to more than one million by 1935. Today, at least three million people work on farms around the nation. It has been estimated that about 87% of all farms are owned and run by families or individuals. If you work in this industry, you may be in the market for a tractor package or tractor package deals. These tips and tricks can help you get the best tractor for your needs:

  1. What kind of tractor do you need? There are at least a few tractor packages out there. Before you start looking for a tractor, you need to give some thought to what kind you need.
    • Small tractors: People who have yards, and not farms, to worry about, need smaller tractors. These do not have a lot of bells and whistles and they have smaller fuel tanks. They can get into smaller spaces.
    • Garden tractors: These typically have a fuel tank that is larger than the tank on the smaller tractors and generally holds about five gallons. These also have hydraulic clutches, tire traction, and other accessories.
    • Compact tractors: These are bigger still. They can also be referred to as “mid-sized” tractors. They have diesel engines. The power can vary but the maximum is generally about 45 horsepower. There are even more options and add-ons that are available for these models. If you are looking at tractor packagers for smaller farms, these may be the best option.
    • Utility tractors: These are the largest tractors. They are very strong and are heavy-duty machines. The typical fuel tank holds 20 gallons of gas or more. The number of attachments and accessories is almost endless. There are few jobs these machines cannot handle.
  2. Look at your budget. Before you set out to buy large pieces of equipment, you need to decide how much you can afford to spend. Depending on the type of tractor you want and the size, you can expect to shell out anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. When you are weighing what you can spend, factor in how much work this equipment will save you.
  3. Think about how much you will use it and how. All farms are pretty unique. Even two farms that are the same size and experience the same climate may have very different topographies. You need to look at your space, think about how you plan to use the tractor to see what you will need. If you have a lot of steep areas, this can change what tractor packages to look at. If your land is flatter, you will need a different kind of tractor than if you have hills.
  4. Think about the features you need and want. There are a lot of options you have available when you are looking at tractor packages. There are also some that all farmers need. No matter what, you need to make sure you get a tractor with hydraulics. This system can be a single or dual hydraulic system. You need to have a diesel engine. You need rear wheel weights. For safety, you always need to have some kind of protection for rollovers.
  5. Take a look at both new and used models. One of the best things about tractor packages is just how durable this equipment is. When it comes to saving money this is a good place to do it. If you are looking for a more inexpensive option, looking at used tractors may be the way to go. When you are looking at used tractors, you need to do your due diligence. Ask questions about the tractor’s age and the history of repairs. Before you buy one that is used, do some research to make sure you can still get your hands on replacement parts.

If you take some time and do your research, you should be able to find the right tractor for your needs and well within your budget.

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