For those who own 4 wheelers and ATVs, just a single ATV, or even a 3 person ATV, they can be a lot of fun to use. However, as with any machine, such things need maintenance from time to time.

One such aspect to watch out for is a dirty air filter. Not cleaning or replacing this part can seriously hinder an ATV’s mileage and performance. However, the good news is that these parts are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install.

Another part to consider is the CV boot. Meaning, “Constant Velocity,” this piece of your ATV helps prevent dirt from getting onto the joint and keeps things adequately lubricated. Repairing the CV boot is far cheaper than replacing the entire joint.

Say you find a used 4×4 quad ATV that you need to have. Even if the price is within your range, be sure to talk to the former owner in detail about any current problems to avoid future issues that may arise. It will save you time and money.

While cars and trucks often serve as mere transportation vehicles for many Americans, ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles are more hobby oriented vehicles for pleasure driving, stunts, and more. And like with any other vehicle or machine, good maintenance and repair for these vehicles is needed, especially if someone buys a used ATV or motorcycle. Inspecting a used vehicle and consulting the previous owner is critical, and even an ATV in good used condition may need some tinkering to stay in good shape. Different parts will tuning or replacement every so often. Replacing an ATV fuel line may be needed every so often, and aside from an ATV fuel line, fuel filters, a motorcycle fuel pump, or even a snowmobile fuel filter will need replacing every so often. Snowmobiles are fairly similar to ATVs and may need similar maintenance. When is it time to replace an ATV fuel line or a snowmobile’s filters?

ATVs, Snowmobiles, and More

These pleasure and stunt vehicles are popular across the United States and can be used in a remarkable variety of terrain, including indoor. In 2017 alone, for example, consumers bought a total of 427,000 motorcycles, and in the next year, Americans bought 124,786 snowmobiles, with over 1.2 million snowmobiles registered in the United States today. On average, someone who owns a snowmobile in North America will drive it a distance of 1,250 miles. And as for ATVs, there is a big market for them too: between January and March in 2017, nearly 41,000 ATVs were sold in American markets, and in the year before that, the demand for sport model ATVs was estimated to be close to 180,000 units. Maintenance for all these all-terrain vehicles is key to keeping them running for years to come.

ATV Fuel Line Repair and More

If an ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile has gone a while without maintenance, or if it was bought used, some repair work may be needed. According to Family Handyman, there are several components in such a vehicle that will need cleaning, and the air filter is a good place to start. These filters will catch a lot of dust and dirt as the vehicle is used, but if the filter goes too long without cleaning or replacement, then the vehicle’s gas mileage and overall performance will be negatively impacted, and best of all, air filter cleaning is simple. Rags, cleaning liquid, and a bucket of water are often all that is needed at the home to get a filter clean again.

Constant velocity, or CV, boots are another critical component of an ATV. They will keep lubricating grease inside the joint and keep out dirt, but whenever they get cracked, they will have to be replaced. If not, the grease will attract dirt, which then cakes onto the joint and can ruin the entire thing. Repairing the CV boot is much cheaper than replacing the whole joint, so doing this repair saves a lot of money. Diagnosing this problem is very easy: if grease is found around the pleats, then the CV boot must be replaced at once. Nearby ATV parts stores may have spare CV boots, axle shafts, and the repair tools needed for a good repair job. Failing that, parts can be found online and shipped to the customer’s address.

For motorcycle owners, cleaning the chain is essential, but fortunately, also a quick and easy cleaning job. The owner will simply dunk a brush (there are brushes designed for this job) in degreaser and slide it up and down the chain, and the owner will rotate the chain and keep cleaning sections of it at a time until the whole thing is cleaned off. Then the chain can be rinsed with fresh degreaser and sponged dry with a simple rag.

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