It is no secret that cars are among the most prized and prominent possession an adult American may have (aside from their home), and the industry for automobiles is massive and spans many different brand names that offer models for any customer’s desire. The Volkswagen Atlas, to name just one, is an SUV that may suit the needs for a family or someone who transports a lot of items for their hobby or work. Aside from the Volkswagen Atlas, there is also the Volkswagen Tiguan, which is another SUV that buyers may take an interest in. There may be smaller cars for owners such as sedans, whether two-door or four door, and a car dealership will offer both new cars and used cars for buyers, and many dealers will in fact have on-site financing too, to make a purchase easier for everyone involved. A Volkswagen Atlas or other vehicle might not be purchased at all; instead, it can be leased, which is an attractive option for buyers who only need a vehicle for a few months or years. Just how big is the car industry today, and how can a car like Volkswagen Atlas be tuned up or customized for an owner’s pleasure or needs?

Cars and their Markets

Cars are a fact of life for many adults around the world. In the year 2017, for a recent example, just over 79 million cars were sold around th4e world, and by the end of 2018, an estimated 81 million cars will be produced by factories around the world, with the United States, Germany, China, and Japan together representing a large share of car manufacturing power. This industry has grown recently and may continue to grow in the near future, seeing how between 2016 and 2017, a 2.7% increase in car production took place, and many of these cars being sold across the United States in particular are used. Three out of four cars sold in the U.S. are used cars, and many of them have had an average of three previous owners. How many cars can be expected for a household? On average, an American household has two of them, but 35% of American households in fact have three or more, with some being driven for work and others for leisure, such as muscle cars or off-road types or more.

Customization and Repair

Cars, especially used ones, may need regular tune-ups and repairs as they age, and all cars, used and new, may be customized by car enthusiasts to remake their aesthetics and/or boost their power and performance, and many car lovers will in fact have their own private garage where they can modify a car as they like.

Car repair is a fact of life for any vehicle owner, especially for owners of older used cars. Brake fluid and oil will have to be refilled or changed every so often, and dent repair and paint scratches must be taken care of. The windshield may sometimes get cracked, and the whole thing will have to be replaced. Tires may slowly go flat or even get punctured and therefore replaced. The interior may need work, too; a purchased used car may have filthy floor mats or tears and holes in the seats’ upholstery, and a buyer can replace or clean off the mats and sew shut or patch up the car upholstery. Or, if so desired, the owner can take a car into a shop and have all of the upholstery replaced with a newer, more desirable material such as real or false leather. A new radio or sound system may be installed as well.

Car enthusiasts will modify a car’s aesthetics as they please, such as a new paint job or adding decals like racing stripes or flame patterns, and other aesthetics like wheel rims or neon lights along the body or a spoiler on the trunk. A car can also have its performance modified, and even the engine is fair game here. A car owner can hire professionals to remove a car’s engine and install a new one for more horsepower and any other desired features, although someone buying an entire new engine must be careful about where this engine came from and why it was removed from the original car.

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