People love their cars, with more than 79 million of them sold worldwide in 2017. And the country where people own the most cars is the U.S. It used to be that most people bought a new car every seven to 10 years, but cars are better manufactured these days, and people tend to hold onto them longer. In fact, up to 14 million cars are still going strong at at least 25 years of age, which is nearly double the number from 2002. People who do hold onto their vehicles for a long time may want to do things to customize them and spruce them up. One way to do that is with aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts get their name because they are literally added to the car after it hits the market. Many aftermarket parts are added by the dealer as an upgrade before you even buy the car. But a large number of aftermarket parts are replacement parts for older cars. Spending on aftermarket parts is expected to exceed $722 billion worldwide by 2020, with a good portion of that coming from the U.S. American car owners spent almost $290 billion on aftermarket parts in 2017, and that number is expected to grow at about 3.6% annually. Aftermarket parts can be replacements for vital systems of the car or they can be pure enhancements to either improve the car’s look or to boost performance.

Japanese cars and other imports are among the vehicles that owners tend to use aftermarket parts on. Whether you are looking for Acura performance parts, Mazda performance parts or Subaru upgrades, you have a lot of choices. Subarus, for instance, are known for their longevity. And while they are often thought of as rugged, family cars, there are performance models of Subarus, especially the STI and WRX models. Subaru STI performance parts might include spoilers, special exhaust systems or upgraded brakes. There are a number of companies out there selling Subaru STI performance parts and other performance parts. Your best bet usually is either to go through an online seller or find a business that specializes in performance and aftermarket parts and work with it to find what you need.

If you want to customize your car, you have lots of choices. Aftermarket and performance parts can give you the vehicle you want and allow you to keep it for longer.

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