Taking care of your motor vehicle is something that every car and truck owner will need to invest in after the purchase of one, as the care that is given to any given motor vehicle will greatly impact its overall longevity. As more and more people are looking to keep their cars for as long as they possibly can, regular care and maintenance will be hugely beneficial in being able to do so. And regular maintenance can encompass a wider variety of things than the average person – especially if they have never owned a car before, might realize.

For instance, the oil in your car should be changed with relative frequency and as is recommended by the manufacturers of the vehicle. In addition to oil changes, tire rotations will also be hugely necessary for the overall health of a vehicle. Without regular tire rotations, the tires are not likely to wear out evenly, meaning that the ride will become bumpy and internet damage can even occur inside of the vehicle as a result of it.

And there are some instances, unfortunately, where repairs become necessary – no matter how well you might take care of your car and how actively you work to keep it in the very best shape possible. For instance, scratches are commonplace, so much so that they actually make up more than half (around 52%, to be just a little bit more specific) of all damage that happens to cars in the United States and likely in a number of other places all throughout the world as well.

Scratches can originate from a number of different places. Simple usage of the car, for instance, can result in a scratch. After all, we’ve all parked in crowded parking lots, where the chances of our motor vehicles sustaining some type of scratch rises quite considerably, to say the least. Keying is another unfortunate way that scratches appear, and is one that can actually end up causing a significant amount of damage.

And we can’t forget about weather related damages, such as those that are sustained from hail. As a matter of fact, recently gathered data actually shows that hail and wind storms alike lead to up to 40% – coming close to half – of all vehicle and home loss claims that are made to insurance companies – at least according to the data that was gathered over the course of the last five years. For while many of us think of hail as nothing more than an annoying weather event, hail can be considerably damaging depending on the size of the hail and its density.

Fortunately, most scratches will be able to be repaired quite easily with a new paint job. From Lexus touch up paint to Porsche touch up paint to VW touch up paint, there are many different types of touch up paint out there, and the high quality of touch up paint such as Lexus touch up paint is matched in many ways by other brands. Lexus touch up paint can be used for the repair of minor scratches, and in these cases it is likely that nothing more than Lexus touch up paint or another kind of vehicle touch up paint will be needed.

However, there are certainly cases where just Lexus touch up paint alone will not be enough to fully repair the damage that has been done to the vehicle in question. After the damage has been repaired and something like Lexus touch up paint (or another type of touch up paint for another type of motor vehicle) has been applied, it is ideal or a clear coat to also be applied. A clear coat is really not very thick at all – only about 2 ml at the most – and can be hugely effective at protecting your vehicle and preventing scratches from occurring at a future date. And even if some level of scratch does occur, it is likely to be far less severe than what would have happened without the clear coat already being in place.

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