Finding the right used car is easier said than done. Sometimes too many options can actually backfire.

You have a hundred plus brands muscling for your attention during any given browsing session. You also have a limited budget that calls for extra discretion. Car lease deals aren’t always easy, but it’s nothing a little extra research can’t solve. Americans today are leaning more toward used cars than ever before, all thanks to their competitive balance between cost and performance. If you’re one of the many who needed a decent car yesterday, you’ve come to the right place.

You name it, there’s a car lease deal available. Study for your proverbial exam below so you can arrive at your local area Ford dealers confident.

Did you know vehicle buyers will spend nearly 60% of their time online just browsing around? It’s no surprise why this is such a time-consuming decision. You have to sift your way through different brands with their ups and downs, from the popular Honda to the classic Ford. Once you’ve pinned down a car you want, then comes the challenge of deciding which price range to buy and the benefits of certified pre-ownership. That doesn’t even take into account choosing an insurance type!

To date, walking in and just taking a look is the most common form of contact with a car dealership. A recent study this comprises more than half of vehicle shoppers today, irregardless of demographic or taste. Additional surveys tallied up the most common activities by prospective car buyers — you have researching car prices at 70%, finding actual vehicles listed for sale at nearly 70%, comparing different models at 65%, finding out what their own car is worth at 60%, and locating a dealer at 45%. What should you be doing right now? Just ask yourself what you need this car for.

Are you a student who needs a more reliable way of moving between school and work? Are you a parent who already has a car and needs a second for flexibility? This will help you suss out the car lease deals that suit your lifestyle best, rather than chasing after what’s popular. A 2016 study conducted throughout Colorado found there are one and a half vehicles per household on average. Most auto buyers today are undecided at the beginning of the shopping process. When they first start, six out of 10 are still open to multiple options.

If that describes you, you’re in luck. Now’s a great time to get used to the climate of certified pre owned vehicles. According to recent studies the average car on the road is over 25 years old — this includes single-passenger vehicles and light trucks alike. Global car sales reached a record high of 85 million in 2016, up nearly 5% from the year prior and setting a 10-year high. Denver area Ford dealers have just the amount of variety and personal finance options to meet you halfway on your journey to better.

There’s a reason why Ford has remained at the top of many car owners’ lists. Its reliable make and plentiful resources make it a long-lasting option that can be passed around the family. Ford generated nearly $150 billion in revenue back in 2015 (which was up $145 from 2014). To this day it is ranked as the most valuable American car brand and fifth most valuable across the globe. Car lease deals can be discussed with your local dealer, from the certified pre owned vehicle to different insurance options.

Don’t put your dream off any longer. Ask your Denver Ford dealers about smart pricing options that will see you coasting on the road in no time!

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