Chalk Talk for the Average Joe

Everyone at some point in their life has either bought a new car or a certified pre owned vehicle and we have all received, or passed down, a used car, used truck, or a used suv to our child. One of the first thoughts that blow through our mind is “Do I want new or used?” Then we proceed to ask ourselves a series of questions:

  • What make and model do I desire?
  • If I buy new, what is the depreciation value once I drive off the lot?
  • How reliable is the automobile and where does the company rank?
  • Do I want to Purchase new, used, or lease?
  • What are my finance options?
  • How much of a down payment must I have?
  • What is the difference in down payment in buying and leasing
  • What will the monthly payments amount to?

When considering all these items, you need to ask yourself first what’s the purpose of the vehicle and second what is your budget. Once you have a solid grasp of your financial allowance, then the search begins.

The most important aspect of any vehicle is its reliability factor. Each motor vehicle company will claim they produce the ultimate trustworthy brand; new and used. Currently, Ford brand is ranked fifth-most valuable car brand globally and first in American made brands; Toyota ranked first globally. Doing your research and knowing the differences between American made and foreign designed will be key to your success before stepping into any dealership.

Sales consultants depend on the public’s ignorance as they try to upscale the vehicle and down size the cost as well as knowing the difference between leasing and purchasing. Your need to understand all that is involved before signing on the “Dotted Line” is crucial because once you’re John Hancock is on the form you are fully responsible from that point forward. This includes maintenance on the interior and exterior, engine preservation, insurance, etc., and no one fantasizes about being locked into anything without comprehending the small fine print.

For example, in doing your online searching, you discovered Ford is ranked number one valued brand in America and you begin looking for Ford dealers in your area. Now, you have a family of five (two adults and three children) and need room to grow due to pre-teens, future traveling plans and shopping bags. You come across the Explorer and realize its a perfect fit for you and your family needs and begin checking out your options. In doing so, Ford Explorer Lease Deals pop up on your screen and you begin to read.

As your reading through the advertisement interpreting all the “mouseprint”, you locate the “Terms and Conditions” icon for the Ford Explorer Lease Deals and click on it. Once the page opens and you translate the script revealing the consequential assessment of the Ford Explorer Lease Deals you decide this might be the best option; with a little negotiating. You proceed with your next steps by calling your area Ford dealers and make an appointment to view these Ford Explorer Lease Deals in person and test drive the automobile. Armed with knowledge and confidence you continue to look for other alternatives such as Ford Escape lease deals and the infamous Ford trucks, making certain the best option is available for your convenience.

Entering into your appointment you’ve brought a catalogue of questions to inquire about and begin checking the list off. Always be prepared for diversions as the consultant starts their dialogue. Make positive the location of the Ford service center incase there arises any issues, being informed of common Ford repair services once you buy the automobile and then off to the finish line! Successful completion of transaction!

As you leave the dealership with your newly purchased Ford vehicle in tow, you are confident you made the right decision. Having information accessible at our fingertips gives great advantage to the apprehensive customer. Whether the decision is to follow through with one of the Ford Explorer Lease Deals or purchase a used suv, continue to ignite your curiosity and empower the brain with knowledge. Happy Hunting!

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