Today, getting a dui is one of the most common traffic offences taking into consideration the number of accidents as a result of drunk driving. Once found guilty and convicted of dui, you are required to install your vehicle with an ignition interlock devices. Unfortunately, you are less likely to be told anything else except that you ensure that the device is installed after getting a dui. So where exactly do you start? Many people don’t know the importance of ignition interlock devices let alone how interlock installation is done. You need to have a basic understanding of how ignition interlocks work as well as how to choose ignition interlock installers. Ordinarily, there are many ignition interlock companies giving you a chance to make a comparison among different service providers after getting a dui. It is estimated that there are approximately 150,000 interlock systems in the U.S. and the figure is likely to increase going into the future. Whereas choosing interlock devices can be problematic to some people, below are tips on how to choose ignition interlock installers after getting a dui.

Review the Court’s Instructions
Before choosing an ignition interlock device after getting a dui, it is important to review the court’s instructions to make sure that you understand the requirements. Most people rush into searching for a good device provider ignoring crucial details on the court order. It is such missteps that end up adding to the cost of device the ignition interlock device purchase and installation especially if you buy the wrong device for your vehicle. In some instances, certain jurisdictions require that you buy an interlock device with certain functions or even spell out specific models that you can choose from. Buying anything outside these requirements is not an alternative which is why you should always stick to the court’s directives after getting a dui. Constant legal changes have also made some ignition interlock devices obsolete. Some knowledge of rules related to interlock systems is therefore an added advantage.

Check for Business Reviews
For most businesses, reviews are important as they act as the face of the business especially for first time customers. If you are having an ignition interlock device installed after getting a dui, online reviews about different service providers should be the first step. There are different providers dealing with ignition interlock phoenix. However, the terms of service vary from one provider to the other. What this means is that service delivery cannot be constant among different companies and the real challenge is getting the best interlock system installer. Review sites can offer an unbiased opinion about different companies that engage in ignition interlock device installation. After narrowing down the list of manufacturers, make a call and ask about their cost, process and terms of service. Be sure to cover ignition interlock device questions during the conversation as it is the only way you can know if you are dealing with legitimate ignition interlock installers. The same installers should also be able to carry out the necessary repairs in case of ignition interlock malfunction.


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